The Crypto-World’s ‘Bilderberg Meeting’ is Coming Soon

The third annual Satoshi Roundtable has been announced and this year’s attendees will gather in a secret location in North America later this month. The gathering, deemed the “Bilderberg meeting” of the crypto-world last year, involves bitcoin and blockchain luminaries discussing the future of this technology.

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The Third Annual Satoshi Roundtable Takes Place This Month

bitcoin-round-tableFilled with bitcoin developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, the meeting is invite-only and will be limited in size to 100 movers-and-shakers within the digital currency and blockchain environment. According to the itinerary, the event will be located at a secret location somewhere in the North America.

Last year’s event was more than just influential people rubbing elbows, as it also involved discussions regarding consensus in the block size debate. Of course, consensus has yet to be achieved, but attendees did sign a letter of intent to improve future dialogue. The letter was signed by Michael Terpin of Transform Group, bitcoin core developer Eric Lombrozo, Overstock’s Patrick Byrne, Peter Smith of Blockchain, Peter Todd bitcoin core developer and many more. Last year’s Satoshi Roundtable letter states:

We the undersigned, feel that while we may disagree on various technical and business issues, that it is best for all to foster an environment of tolerance and respect.— We will endeavor to hold ourselves to the highest possible standard in respectful and productive communications, and we will also endeavor to hold our employees, our friends, and our industry associates to this high standard.

This Year’s Attendees and the Roundtable’s Agenda

escudo-shatoshi-228x300The event, in its third year, will include attendees such as Dr. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, Jonathan Johnson, President of T0, Erik Voorhees, founder of Shapeshift, and bitcoin core developers such as Peter Todd and Eric Lombrozo. The event’s itinerary details that leading members of the Ethereum environment will be in attendance as well as representatives from Bitfury, Bitstamp, Civic, Unsung, Bitgo, Bitfinex and more.

The Roundtable meeting will also host executives from large financial operations such as IBM, World Bank, and Fidelity Investments. Furthermore, there will be individuals from the U.S. government, and regulatory advocacy groups such as Coin Center and the controversial Blockchain Alliance.

Alongside the one hundred guests discussing this emerging technology, the retreat will showcase different formats. This will include concepts such as the “open space technology” or a decentralized “unconference” format. The event will also have a few formal keynote presentations, workshops, and “participant-driven discussions.”


No Media and a Vacation Like Atmosphere

The event’s program states attendees at the Satoshi Roundtable will be able to converse without media attention during the gathering. Additionally, there will be several group meals situated around the two-day Roundtable discussions. Activities such as golf, an evening poker game, and board games will also be organized. As with the past Satoshi Roundtable events, the crypto-elite will need to get permission to attend.

“To receive an invite, prospective attendees typically must be founders or C-level execs of funded startups, senior blockchain focused executives at major corporations, active investors, accomplished developers, or leading academics, notable authors and influencers. Interested parties can request a waitlist or invitation from the hosts,” details the Roundtable’s announcement.

What do you think about the Satoshi Roundtable meetings? Do you think these types of Bilderberg-like gatherings are good for the bitcoin economy? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Medium, the previous Satoshi Roundtables, and Pixabay.

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  • Transhumanity

    Roundtables can advance the Bitcoin world through the sharing of ideas. However, I have doubts about calling it a “Bilderberg-like gathering” because it reeks of elitism. This might upset some of us peons who are uncomfortable with the boots of the elite pressing down against our helpless throats.

    A “Satoshi Roundtable” sounds cool, but meeting in “secret” to plan how the Bitcoin Illuminati can run our miserable lives is too much. Perhaps, they could just have secret MeetUps where they sacrifice virgins and perform satanic rights instead?

    We could call it “Bitcoin Grove!” See:

    • spiroseliot

      even and them has no power at all how to control bitcoin. consensus need all the part of bitcoin ecosystem to agree. Even the users

  • BTC Finance

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    • Sani Danjuma

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  • Ludde70

    Bitcoin Unlimited not invited? Weired…


    It’s ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and goes against everything the ‘DESENSITIZED’ element stands for…. THIS year we are having governments involved and financial organizations, who will be making ETF markets out of BITCOIN which leads to the ability to price manipulation without having to actually even own any physical coins. All done with endless supplies of fiat.

    It’s just a sell out in my opinion and we are going to see it mid to late 2017! Just like gold and precious metals took the hit in 2007 onwards with ETF’S they sell them at over 100 to 1 now per ounce.

    Imagine a REAL market with 21 million coins ever and 4 million are already lost. And financial groups selling paper versions to stupid people or eachother 100 times over?

    It creates a fake price for the real deal. This is HORRIBLE. Worst year yet of guests!!