Crypto Media Group Recruit Celebrities to Promote ICOs


Crypto Media Group Strategy: Recruit Celebrities to Promote ICOs

Crypto Media Group is actively recruiting celebrities to conduct promotional campaigns for upcoming ICOs. Floyd Mayweather recently issued a tweet promoting a soon-to-launch ICO that included hashtags indicating that the post was a promotional advertisement created in partnership with Crypto Media Group.

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Crypto Media Group’s First Campaign Saw Floyd Mayweather Advertise the Upcoming Hubii ICO During the Build up to His Historic Fight Against Conor McGregor

Crypto Media Group is a new company that is seeking to hire celebrities to assist in the promotion of new ICOs. The company has existed for approximately one fortnight, and formed following the securing of a deal with Mayweather promotions.

Crypto Media Group’s first campaign saw Floyd Mayweather advertise the upcoming Hubii ICO during the build up to his historic fight against Conor McGregor. On the 24th of August, Floyd Mayweather posted a tweet promoting the launch of Hubii’s ICO, and ended with hashtags indicating that the post was an ad and affiliated with a previously unknown company called Crypto Media Group.

Crypto Media Group’s CEO, Logan Schauer, told Vice that the company seeks to leverage social media influencers to promote ICOs to mainstream audiences outside of the core cryptocurrency community. “Our goal is to take [the ICO market] from this very small industry of cryptocurrency-focused investors and take it to the masses… we want to help the market transition from where it is now—word-of-mouth spreading through the crypto community—and we want to bridge that gap to the mainstream world.”

“Our Goal Is to Take [the ICO Market] From This Very Small Industry of Cryptocurrency-Focused Investors and Take It to the Masses” – Logan Schauer, CEO of Crypto Media Group

Crypto Media Group Recruit Celebrities to Promote ICOs

Crypto Media Group’s business model comprises a network of social media accounts designed to send sponsored celebrity endorsements viral. Schauer has alleged that the country controls over 100 million social media accounts hosted across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and also works with a network of independent social accounts through “value-for-value” cross-promotion.

Schauer also stated that the Crypto Media Group hopes to assist in legitimizing the ICO market, and as such will only work with projects that it believes are reputable. “If we’re going to do a deal with an ICO, it’s because we like them and we think it’s feasible,” Schauer said.

Schauer declined to provide specific details regarding Mayweather’s compensation, but revealed that both Mayweather and Crypto Media group will be receiving Hubii tokens as at least partial remuneration for their promotional efforts. It is believed that Mayweather’s promotion of the Stox ICO last month was organic, and not a coordinated effort conducted in partnership with Crypto Media Group.

Schauer also indicated that Crypto Media Group plan to work with Mayweather promotions again in future, and that the company is in discussions with another celebrity athlete regarding future promotional campaigns.

Do you think that celebrity endorsements will enhance or undermine perceptions of cryptocurrency’s legitimacy throughout society? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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