DigiByte Gaming Wants To Bridge The Gap Between Gaming And Digital Currency


Counterstrike Global Offensive Now Rewards Players with DigiByte Cryptocurrency

Certain virtual currencies are trying to take gaming to the next level, and now DigiByte Gaming has added Counterstrike Global Offense (CS: GO) to their online gaming platform.

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DigiByte Gaming Adds CS: GO

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There has always been a certain overlap between gaming and digital currency communities, which has lead to some success for Bitcoin so far. Various online cd key shops have started accepting Bitcoin payments over the past 18 months, creating additional use cases for the popular digital currency. 

But buying cd keys for video games with bitcoin is something entirely different from merging digital currency with the gaming industry. Up until this point, the former has been possible for quite some time now, whereas the latter seems to be still in the pipeline at the moment until DigiByte Gaming announced the addition of CS: GO to their online gaming platform.

Enthusiasts who have been keeping a close eye on the digital currency ecosystem as of late may have heard the name DigiByte Gaming before, as this platform has been available for public beta testing since November of 2015. The main purpose of this platform is to use blockchain technology for digital advertising in the gaming industry. On paper, this concept may sound a bit confusing, but it is actually quite elegant in its approach.

Users who play their favorite video games on the DigiByte Gaming platform will be rewarded in DigiBytes, an alternative digital currency to Bitcoin. Although the number of supported games is still fairly limited right now — only League of Legends and CS: GO are available — there seems to be a genuine interest in this solution. At the time of writing, over 10,000 users have signed up for this platform, and those numbers are expected to keep growing in the next few months.

What is even more interesting is how Riot Games, the company responsible for developing the League of Legends game, has officially approved DigiByte Gaming for advanced API access. As a result, this should allow DigiByte Gaming platform developers to scale the League of Legends game to million of users in the future.

Although the platform is limited to two different game offerings right now, the DigiByte Gaming team has started by supporting two of the most popular online games in existence right now. Both League of Legends and CS: GO are played by millions of people around the world, as they are both free to play.

Players should not expect to get rich anytime soon, though, as DigiByte Gaming is designed as a way to bridge the gap between gaming and digital currency. That being said, gamers will be awarded based on their performance in the game, and rewards will be sent to their DigiByte wallet on the platform automatically. Similar to how Bitcoin operates, DigiByte can be transferred to any other address on the network in a matter of seconds, with little to no fees.

A Valuable Platform for Advertisers & Game Developers

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The DigiByte Gaming platform creates attractive opportunities for advertisers as well, as it is possible to sponsor the rewards paid out to gamers. Moreover, this platform could make it easier for advertisers to reach the millennial demographic, which is rather difficult to penetrate via more traditional means.

Additional features will be coming to DigiByte Gaming as well, including a blockchain-based Gamer ID for authentication purposes, and even an API for developers to hook into. This latter function in particular could be of great value as it would allow developers to monetize their games through DigiByte.

What are your thoughts and opinions on DigiByte Gaming? Do we need a Bitcoin version of this initiative as well? Let us know in the comments below!


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