Congress, Crypto Leaders Launch Blockchain Education Initiative in DC


Congress, Crypto Leaders Launch Blockchain Education Initiative in DC

Blockchain education has taken two timely steps forward in Washington DC this week, as both Congress and the crypto industry unveil joint schemes to enhance awareness.

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Two Initiatives, One Focus

Chamber of Digital CommerceThe Chamber of Digital Commerce and local startup 1776’s DC Blockchain Center, and separately the Congress-Coin Center partnership Blockchain Caucus, both got underway in the US Capital with essentially similar aims.

DC Blockchain Center is designed and marketed as Washington’s first blockchain incubator. The project is based at 1776’s HQ, the startup already extant in the business incubation market.

We’re thrilled to welcome the DC Blockchain Center and its community of innovators to 1776,” Finextra quotes 1776 co-founder and co-CEO Evan Burnfield in a press release.

“It’s uniquely positioned to connect the dots for government agencies and drive massive scale success through our connections, resources and mentoring programs.”

Meanwhile, Chamber of Digital Commerce founder Perianne Boring highlighted the need to keep government aware of the persisting advances and potential that blockchain technology offering after five or so years of being on the legislative radar.

“We strongly believe that one of the most effective forms of advocacy is for the government to utilize and implement blockchain technology, and to experience the benefits first hand,” she said.

The Center has already seen interest from authorities.

Congress: Blockchain Knowledge ‘Vital for Global Ingenuity’

Coin centerAt the same time, efforts are being made from with Congress itself to highlight the need for knowledge of disruptive fintech. Bitcoin Caucus, a cross-party initiative from Congressmen Republican Mick Mulvaney and long-time lobbyist Democrat Jared Polis, aims to “help their colleagues stay up to speed on evolving digital currency and blockchain technologies, and develop policies that advance them,” The State reports.

It’s vital for Americans, businesses, and members of Congress to learn about blockchain so the U.S. can continue to secure its stance as the global leader of ingenuity,” Polis said in a press release.

“The Blockchain Caucus will focus on raising awareness, advancing ideas that foster growth, and safeguarding consumers.”

The Caucus is in fact the result of a lengthier collaboration between the two founders and Coin Center.

In a statement about the Caucus unveiling, executive director Jerry Brito praised both Polis and Mulvaney for their stance on the subject.

Their forward-thinking leadership on blockchain technology in Congress is unmatched,” he said.

In conclusion, Brito said, “Congressional caucuses are very important for like-minded members of congress to work together toward common policy goals.”

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