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Coinsource Bitcoin ATM Company Embraces Arizona

Coinsource ATM business just captured market share in Arizona as it added new machines in Phoenix. The Texas-based company is expanding rapidly. The company has installed 50 machines this year, and has plans to grow into international arenas. They now have a total of 116 ATM’s across 10 states, according to a recent press release. 

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The company’s CEO and co-founder, Sheffield Clark Coinsource Bitcoin ATM Company Embraces Arizonasaid, “We are really excited about our reach into Phoenix, one of America’s largest metropolitan areas geographically, and the fifth largest by population. We simply addressed a market need there and we are proud to provide more options to people who are starting to use bitcoin, or want to use it, as commonly as they use cash or credit cards.”

ATM Locations and Company Growth

Coinsource now has ATM units in California, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Arizona. The company’s expansion is also indicated by its quarterly installation numbers. Clark elaborated:

Coinsource has had a busy three months; we’ve conducted several recruitment rounds, strengthened our team to 20, and are now close to announcing significant projects outside the US. Q3 is set to be our biggest quarter yet, with a higher rate of installations planned, more team members coming on board, and more state by state market entrance

Coinsource Machine Details and General Bitcoin Teller Information

The company’s ATM’s are manufactured by Genesiscoin, which comprise 48.76% of theCoinsource Bitcoin ATM Company Embraces Arizona total of all bitcoin machines. The units are generally placed in high-traffic areas or in stores that are open late into the night.

The average fee of all bitcoin-teller machines is 8.99%, according to Coinsource’s machines operate with fees around 8% and lower for larger purchases.

The United States has many more bitcoin teller machines than any other country, and this ATM network is positioned to continue trending upward in terms of annual growth.

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