Coinsilium to Host All-Star Blockchain Event in London


Coinsilium to Host All-Star Blockchain Event in London

Coinsilium, a publicly traded company with an investment in nine blockchain based companies, announced an all-star Blockchain Tech Lab event to be held in London from the 11th to the 15th of April. The event, which intends to increase the participation of developers in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem, is to be followed by a weekend hackathon.

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Coinsilium Blockchain Tech Lab & Hackathon

CoinsiliumCoinsilium, the first publicly traded blockchain tech company under the ticker COIN on London’s ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX), stated in an email that they are to sponsor “a few tickets for talented developers” to attend the Blockchain Tech Lab. They further state that “each day is an independent module and participants do not need to attend the full week.”

The event is to hold sessions by Sergio D. Lerner, a highly experienced Bitcoin developer in charge of Bitcoin’s security mailing list. He has performed a number of security audits for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, earning him a much-deserved reputation. Lerner is to speak on Rootstock, a 2-way peg sidechain to Bitcoin which intends to incorporate Ethereum’s Turing complete smart contracts capabilities into Bitcoin.

Jonas Nick, a Blockstream Developer, is to speak on sidechains, a new invention that aims to increase Bitcoin’s capabilities by allowing new blockchains to be pegged to Bitcoin with the Bitcoin currency free to move between different chains.

runway eastKen Kappler, CEO of Ethcore, is slated for a day-long session on Ethereum’s blockchain, Ethereum’s virtual machine and on smart contracts. The nascent currency has attracted much attention recently due to being one of the few digital currencies to reach a $1 billion USD market cap. A lot of focus is currently on Ethereum as there are a number of implementations already in the wild.

Moreover, speakers from BigchainDB, Coinprism, Factom, Rivetz, and Ledger will also be in attendance.

As interest is increasing in blockchain technology and the digital currency ecosystem, demand for blockchain developers is also on the rise. Thus, initiatives as announced today are a welcomed step towards educating the next wave of Bitcoin and blockchain developers.

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