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Coinmotion launches new Denarium Patinated Silver Coin

Finnish bitcoin exchange Coinmotion has launched a new physical bitcoin, called the Denarium Patinated Silver Coin. They are holding an auction for the limited edition coin with an end date of June 13th.

In February Coinmotion was acquired by Finnish company Prasos, which also owns and operates bitcoin exchange Bittiraha. They are also the manufacturer of the physical bitcoin Denarium.

Denarium has been in operation for about a year now with other physical coins they have put into circulation. The new coin being auctioned is a patinated special edition of their 2016 silver coin and are auctioning the first 20 coins from their limited edition 1 BTC Denarium Patinated Silver Coin of 2015. The total batch is 100 coins and the rest (80) will be on sale at when the auctions are finished.

The patinated silver coin also comes in a collectors box, as displayed in the video above. Starting bids are 0.1 BTC, which converts to $57 USD currently. The coins have a special patinated finish which makes them look very different from a regular silver coin. The surface quality of the coin is better in that regard, compared to their regular silver coins. All coins sold are pre-assembled and ready to ship right after the auction.

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