Coinify to Roll-Out Bitcoin Integration to 3000 Merchants This Summer

This week the Denmark-based payment processor Coinify announced 3,000 merchants will be able to accept bitcoin through its partnership with the UK Point-of-Sale (POS) startup Countr. This summer Countr’s tablet based POS software will be integrated with Coinify’s digital currency platform allowing customers from 115 countries to pay with cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin Payment Processing Services Available to 3000 Merchants Across 115 Countries June 1st

Coinify Will Introduce Bitcoin to 3000 Merchants This SummerThe digital asset payment provider Coinify says the company’s latest partnership aims to bolster more bitcoin adoption. On June 1 the Coinify application which processes 14 individual cryptocurrencies will be applied to the Amsterdam-based Countr’s merchant services network. Countr’s network started in 2014 and now captures over 3,000 merchants across 115 countries.      

“We are always happy to take the advantage of new payment technologies and help our merchants to improve their businesses,” explains John Staunton, Co-founder, and CEO of Countr POS. “Blockchain is expected to be one of the major payment trends in the upcoming years and we are excited to integrate it to our POS system.”

Coinify supports 14 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and offers payouts in local currencies, which represents a win-win situation for Countr POS and our merchants

Coinify’s Partnerships and Expansion Aims to Bring Digital Currency Solutions to a Broader Audience

Coinify Will Introduce Bitcoin to 3000 Merchants This SummerCoinify calls itself a blockchain payment service provider (bPSP), and was founded in 2014 by Mark Højgaard, and Lasse Birk Olesen. The startup has made partnerships with digital currency businesses in the space as well as receiving a multi-million dollar capital injection from firms like Seed Capital Denmark, and SEB Venture Capital. Last November Coinify joined forces with the Luxembourg-based company Blockchain enabling UK residents the ability to purchase bitcoin within the Blockchain wallet interface.

Morten Bebe, the Sales Manager at Coinify says its latest partnership with Countr expands the company’s services to a broader audience worldwide.

“Coinify is on a mission to spread the use of digital currencies by offering everyone the opportunity to use alternative payments methods and accept blockchain currency payments,” Morten Bebe details. “With Countr POS we are succeeding in expanding blockchain payments in both online and offline environments.”

Coinify says it will continue servicing customers across the European continent but also looks to expand into Asian and global markets in general. The partnership with Countr will help progress Coinify’s goals towards enabling online businesses, physical shops, and individuals from various countries the chance to utilize digital currency solutions this summer.

What do you think about Coinify introducing 3,000 merchants to the bitcoin economy? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, and Coinify & Countr websites. 

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  • Michael Stegmayr

    Another step to bring cryptocurency awareness to more people and to integrate cryptos into daily live – love it

  • Vitalicus

    why only bitcoin ? Why not peercoin ?

    • Christian Amehson

      Bitcoin is the real deal dear.

      • Thorvest


        • justin

          right in the face!!!

    • T4k4X Starphyre

      “Coinify supports 14 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin and offers payouts in local currencies, which represents a win-win situation for Countr POS and our merchants” This was my main curiosity of which in the top 20 made the cut. likely ETH Dash XMR Lite Doge Ripple Waves Peer Steem MadeSafe NEM GameCredits and Bytecoin are my best bets. Will have to look in to coinify to verify, More digging aka clicking the coinify link Jamie provided 😉 Ether TetherUSD Startcoin Dogecoin
      Reddcoin Quark Peercoin IXcoin
      Hyper StorjX Nubits Litecoin
      IOcoin Novacoin Digibyte Mintcoin is the official list.

      • Vitalicus

        Doge is scam. It was released as joke, not as quick cripto. It was anonced in russian forum. It was released a year after quick qurrencies like WDC, FTC…
        It don’t have future with zerooooos in blockchaine (After comma also 8 zeros 🙂

        Ripple is centralised.

        Other are OK …

        • T4k4X Starphyre

          I’m aware, of these issues, I don’t hold ripple for said reason, I do hold doge because I enjoy a good joke and the community is pretty light hearted, every revolution needs some comic relief, I just increased my stack today by shifting a million doge I have such hodled so scam or not take that one to the bank aka shift/token card. much love to all flavors of cryptonauts.

  • Thorvest

    Can I get the USA franchise