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A close-up look at the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet

If you’re looking for a hardware wallet to store your bitcoin, Ledger has a few good options. There are several hardware wallets on the market, and in June Ledger announced their latest addition, the Nano S.

The Ledger wallet is a device which allows users to send, receive, and securely store their bitcoins. One of the main advantages to using a hardware wallet is your bitcoins are kept offline, and the devices help protect against malware. Ledger wallets are PIN protected, have backup recovery procedures, and users have full control over their bitcoin private keys.


With the latest release of the Nano S, Ledger has introduced a whole slew of features.

In a Medium post from the company, they walk users through using the Nano S, with a close-up first look of the device.

The Nano S can be powered on using any micro USB cable, connected on a charger or on any computer’s port. It will immediately prompt you to a quick tutorial where you’ll learn the following:

  • left or right buttons are used to select a choice or to move inside a list of items
  • pressing both buttons will confirm an action, go to the next step or select an item in a list

Ledger has provided a number of helpful animated images to get new users familiar with the Nano S device, from creating a new seed to bitcoin transaction validation, as shown here.

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The hardware wallet market has become quite competitive lately, as more devices have entered the market and those that have been on the market already continue to innovate. For example OpenDime is a new disposable wallet, and there is the new Jaxx Ice Cube that is coming soon.

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