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Check out's Rebrand Giveaway and Win a Keepkey Hardware Wallet

Last week rebranded and to celebrate the new look, we’ve decided to give away a bunch of prizes to our followers. This week we’re giving out a Keepkey hardware wallet, collectors coins, Store vouchers and t-shirts with our new logo.

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Grab Some Swag Courtesy of

We designed to be the go-to web portal for all your Bitcoin needs and over the last four years we’ve been prepping to serve billions of people worldwide with our educational resources, tools and services. Last week we rebranded our website with a whole new palette of colors, a fresh design, and a popping new logo. After six months of hard work and determination, we finished the rebrand and showed the world our new look. In order to celebrate the occasion, we’re giving away a load of prizes to our avid followers and website visitors. All you have to do to participate in our giveaway is log in to Twitter and retweet our giveaway post.

Here’s what you could win:

  • 1st prize: A starter pack including a Keepkey hardware wallet, set of collector coins, and a t-shirt featuring our new logo.
  • 2nd prize: A $30 voucher to spend in our online store.
  • 3rd prize: A $10 voucher to spend in our online store.
  • Runners up: 1 of 30 t-shirts featuring our new logo.

The first prize winner will snag a Keepkey hardware wallet from our online shop so they can generate and manage private keys offline in cold storage. Each device generates a 12-word recovery sentence during initialization which can be used to retrieve private keys for a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. The first prize winner will also receive a Collector’s Coin Pack which includes a number of replica gold-plated physical bitcoins (not loaded) that are fireproof and will last a lifetime. In addition to winning the Keepkey and coins, the first prize winner will also get a t-shirt with our new logo.

Check out's Rebrand Giveaway and Win a Keepkey Hardware Wallet

The second prize winner will receive a $30 voucher to spend at our online store and third prize will win a $10 voucher for our shop. has a ton of crypto-related and bitcoin cash swag, like t-shirts, hats, watches, pins, accessories, hardware wallets, and even gift cards to the top brand stores everyone raves about. Lastly, giveaway runners-up will get 1 of 30 t-shirts that feature our newly designed logo. For your chance to win, simply retweet our giveaway on Twitter. All of the winners will be announced next Sunday on June 30.

Check out's Rebrand Giveaway and Win a Keepkey Hardware Wallet

At we love the crypto community and watching the ecosystem grow has been a wonderful sight. So remember, the rebrand giveaway can be entered by anyone with a Twitter account who retweets our giveaway post. So what are you waiting for? Give us a retweet! will announce the winners at the end of the week, so stay tuned.

What do you think about the rebrand giveaway? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments below.

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