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Charitystars Auction With Roger Ver Raises $87K for Antiwar.com

Charitystars Auction With Roger Ver Raises $87K for Antiwar.com

On January 25th, 2018, the online auction platform, Charitystars, finished its bidding auction that featured a chance to win a private lunch meeting with bitcoin’s first investor Roger Ver. Charitystars has announced the winner of the auction has paid $87,000 USD to have a power lunch with Ver in the Caribbean island of Saint Kitts. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the website Antiwar an online portal that promotes peace and non-interventionism.

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Power Lunch With Roger Ver Raises $87,000 and Proceeds Will be Donated to Antiwar.com

Charity stars Auction With Roger Ver Raises $87K for Antiwar.com The online auction and charity platform, Charitystars, was founded in 2013 by three entrepreneurs from Milan, Italy. Francesco Nazari Fusetti, Manuela Ravalli, and Domenico Gravagno created Charitystars to help bolster philanthropy by using the fundamentals of cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain technology. The platform offers people a chance to bid on meetings with celebrities, artwork, autographs, and luxury cars and proceeds are donated to various charities all around the world.

The auction with Roger Ver is one of the highest prices in the company’s history, according to Charitystars CEO and co-founder  Francesco Nazari Fusetti.  “Ironically, we achieved the same price for lunch with former Italian President, Silvio Berlusconi,” explains the founder.

The auction raised a grand total of $87,000 and bidders paid using BTC, ETH and BCH. The money raised will go directly to the website Antiwar.com in order to continue its promotion of non-interventionism and spreading peace. The power lunch winner was a user named “DenNCS” who fought head to head with another bidder who stopped at $85K.

Roger Ver: ‘Bitcoin Has the Power to Halt Conflict and War’

Charity stars Auction With Roger Ver Raises $87K for Antiwar.com
Bitcoin’s first investor and Bitcoin.com’s CEO, Roger Ver.

“With the phenomenal expansion of the crypto-space and the unprecedented opportunity to direct that energy in support of pivotal causes in a manner that is genuinely revolutionary — We are glad Roger Ver accepted our invitation to generously support this remarkable cause,” Charitystar’s Francesco Nazari Fusetti explains to news.Bitcoin.com.

Bitcoin.com’s CEO Roger Ver was “stunned and honored by the results” of this particular auction. Ver is thrilled the proceeds will go Antiwar.com which focuses on lessening centralized governments, ending the world’s wars, and spreading peace throughout the globe. After hearing the news about the Charitystar’s auction Roger Ver commented:

As the blockchain community continues to grow it is important that we don’t lose sight of the most serious issues affecting the world today — Having long believed that bitcoin has the power to halt conflict and war, I am honored to leverage my experience and expertise in the industry for a cause dedicated to this.

The power lunch with Roger Ver will take place in Saint Kitts a beautiful Caribbean island located near the West Indies. The meeting is expected to take place within the next six months depending on the winner and Ver’s availability. The CEO and founder of Charitystars is thrilled to see the recent auction produce such fruitful results that will ultimately help promote world peace.

What do you think about the auction with Roger Ver raising $87K for Antiwar.com? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images via Charitystars, Roger Ver, and Pixabay. 

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