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Changing The Blockchain PR Image For Average Consumers

The term “blockchain” is one of the hottest commodities in the world today. Not only traditional financial institutions, but all types of companies — and even some consumers — talk about the blockchain like it will be the eighth world wonder. Truth be told, blockchain technology is a technological wonder to behold. But will it ever appeal to the average consumer? And what is an average consumer to begin with?

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Determining the Profile of an Average Consumer

Bitcoin.com_Blockchain Freedom of SpeechWhen asking someone the question as to how they would define an “average consumer,” there usually is no clear and definite answer. Somebody’s mother, grandfather or niece could be an average consumer, but that doesn’t mean the same principle applies to anyone else’s relatives.

Looking at the people passing you by in the street, it’s hard to judge just how average they may be. Is it a bad thing to think of less tech-savvy people as “average consumers,” simply because they don’t have the same interests as we do? There is no right or wrong answer to that question either.

In fairness, the concept of an average consumer simply doesn’t exist. Every individual on this planet is as far from average as the moon is from the sun. However, it is a marketable, albeit slightly derogatory term to discuss a group of consumers who are not too keen on embracing change, even if it could be for their own good.

It is these people who will need the most convincing when it comes to innovative technologies such as blockchain technology. That being said, showing how the technology works without making it sound very complicated has far greater chances att allowing the blockchain technology to gain critical mass adoption at some point.

But there is another hurdle to overcome, and that is the way in which blockchain technology is promoted these days. Regardless of which digital currency you want to look at, they often advertise the blockchain as a powerful tool for developers only. One thing’s for sure: these mythical “average consumers” are not developers by any means.

Changing the outlook of blockchain technology will not happen overnight, but the time is opportune to nudge PR efforts in the right direction. To achieve that goal, more everyday use cases for the blockchain need to be created, and a focus on the office workers might be a good start.

Blockchain Technology For The Office

Bitcoin.com_Blockchain Watercooler TalkIntroducing blockchain technology to the office world is easier said than done. One of the most obvious examples would be to integrate blockchain technology to replace archaic database structures. Another option worth exploring are the blockchain’s data storage and transfer capabilities for office records.

A common workplace trope is the idea of “talking around the watercooler.” Depending on where you live, this may or may not be a real scenario, as not all offices have water coolers to begin with. However, the work floor is one of the areas where new topics are discussed, and new technology can get a major boost from watercooler talk.

What are your thoughts on changing the PR image of the blockchain? How would you tackle this issue? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Ethereum DevCon1 Conference London 2015

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