Chandler Guo’s Mining Pool Makes the Jump to Bitcoin Unlimited

During the first week of February bitcoin miner and angel investor Chandler Guo revealed he would begin supporting Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) in the near future. Now on March 21, Guo has announced he will be making the jump towards voting for BU with his mining pool’s hashpower.

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Chandler Guo Supports Bitcoin Unlimited

Chandler Guo's Mining Pool Makes the Jump to Bitcoin Unlimited
Chandler Guo shows his support towards Bitcoin Unlimited on March 21.

Over the past two months, there has been a lot of support directed at the BU protocol as many miners have begun to vote for the bitcoin client. Last week the large mining pool Antpool pointed a majority of its hashpower towards BU. Antpool currently runs 19 percent of the global hashrate.

Following Antpool’s decision to support BU, another mining operation called the Bitclub Network mined its first BU block on March 20. Bitclub Network’s pool commands 3.7 percent of the global hashrate and pool owners detailed they were frustrated with network congestion

Last month Chandler Guo said he was creating a new mining pool and stated, “The pool will signal Bitcoin Unlimited.” Guo has always had strong opinions and is vocal within the cryptocurrency industry as he is well known for his stance during the Ethereum fork. On March 21 Guo revealed to his Twitter followers, he will now be directing his support towards the BU protocol.

I’ve made the jump to Bitcoin Unlimited today. Come join us, come to Bitcoin Unlimited.

Guo Joins the Fleet of Global Miners Supporting the BU Protocol

At press time 40.3 percent of blocks mined on March 21 supported BU. Pools signaling BU support include Viabtc, Antpool, Bitclub Network,, BTCtop, Canoe, GBminers, and Slush.

Chandler Guo's Mining Pool Makes the Jump to Bitcoin Unlimited
40.3 % of blocks mined on March 21 show Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) support.

With the additional push from Chandler Guo’s mining pool, more of the network’s hashrate will be added to BU support. If Guo follows through with his original plan and adds 100PH to his pool, the operation hopes it can accumulate a good percentage of the global hashrate in the near future.

The Chinese investor is a big believer in the cryptocurrency revolution stating last year he believes the global GDP will be based on bitcoin. Guo also has a vested interest in Ethereum Classic (ETC) and has offered capital to ETC startups working with the protocol. With Guo’s pool soon to be pointing its hashrate at BU, it shows Guo is once again stating his opinion publicly but also backing up his words with hash power.

What do you think about Chandler Guo supporting Bitcoin Unlimited? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Pixabay, Youtube,, Coin Dance, and Twitter. 

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  • as the fork closes in, bitcoin core goes on the offensive, and they start buying DASH

    • Ricky Bickerton

      Whatever happens DO NOT RUSH A HARD FORK, if BU is the right way to go it will get there organically over time, can we please start talks among BU supporters about how long a hard fork can be held off, as in reality once it has the majority it is only a matter of time before it would be 95%

      • BU currently at 40%, fork happens after 55%, strap in for a ride by next week

        • Milind Yadav

          Fork won’t happen at 55%, that would create a great confusion and bitcoin price may see a record fall. Miners won’t let that happen, they are smart and will wait for at least 70-75%

          • BPJ

            I’d like even higher because I do not want a fork. Yes, I mine. I have two S9s. If there is going to be a fork to BTU, then this is a great opportunity to rebrand bitcoin w/ regulators. No fork until regulators say it’s a good idea. Those who use BTC daily already know larger block sizes are good.

        • Zyo

          BU have no threshold whatsoever, miner decide when they want to mine a block bigger than 1MB. There 0% that occured soon as all miners including those who run BU do not accept block over 1MB.

  • Shankar Thulasi

    So how long it’ll be expected for fork? If fork comes in will there be epic fall in BTC? If so how long will take BTC to rise again? I’m noob in this field so wanna get good answers from experts. Thanks

    • richardamullens

      If you look at Johoe’s mempool statistics (Google it) you will see a drop in confirmation delays in the last few days. This has been caused by people switching to other currencies and for Bitcoin is a bad thing. This does need to be addressed quickly but it will take time for the miners to come to a consensus.

      The majority of people want Bitcoin to work well but Blockstream/Core have caused the opposite and so I think they are now out of the equation.

      • BPJ

        So true. They have literally stated they want high transaction fees. Plus, if you ask the supporters, they keep BTC in cold storage. Plus, how the hell would lightning help if nobody is using bitcoin. We still need more people using it. Those who use Bitcoin simply want it to work better, now! I have sent three or four transactions today. Once my miner earnings come in … that’ll be another two because I am going to buy a bitcoin t-shirt. I just need to find a place that accepts Bitcoin.

    • Paul Bond

      If you look on Bitfinex futures contracts it bas BTU/USD at $241, The BTC price is at time of writing is $1096.

      The participants have spoken.

      On the other hand, if I were a Miner still, I’d indicate support for as many protocols as possible to not get left behind. My car supports low octane fuel, but that does not mean that it uses it, it’s just a fall back. Now if you look on the Core side of the fence they’re stating which product and supplier will support core – this includes most western exchanges, and some wallet providers. Exchanges are trying to stay out of this, but they have reached consensus on what they would do under any eventuality, and that means BTU would be the hard fork and be treated as an Alt coin, and Core would maintain the BTC lettering (unlike Sir Vitalik). Perhaps Ver is trying to be the same role model, whilst the rest of the Bitcoin world listen intently to people like A.Antonopolous instead.

  • Billy Williams

    Last fork did cause a little downard price. But you have to look at the big picture here. The comsumers are not in control here. The miners are and it is what it is. Price will rise again if it drops.

  • richardamullens

    If you say that someone is “opinionated” then that is an insult.

    I’m not sure that is your intention but I think that’s what opinionated means to the majority of people.

    Maybe you meant has strong opinions and voices them but opinionated conveys the sense that he is obnoxious in some way.