Ignore the State’s Coming Blockchain Grab. Be Happy Libertarians

A May 30th article in the Atlantic declared, “Cryptocurrency Might be a Path to Authoritarianism. Extreme libertarians built blockchain to decentralize government and corporate...

SEC Eyes Initial Coin Offerings for Regulatory Oversight

The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking hard at Initial Coin Offerings. This information comes after SEC recently piped up, saying ICO's need to protect their investors. The regulation...

Nevada Senate Bill 398 Becomes Law, Prohibiting Tax on Blockchain Technology

Judging by recent legislation, which is mostly hostile towards blockchain technology, Senate Bill 398 in Nevada seems like an unprecedented step in a positive...

Blockchain Collectibles: A Discussion With the Creator of Curio Cards

This week Bitcoin.com chatted with Thomas Hunt otherwise known as ‘Mad Bitcoins’ about a new blockchain based collectibles project he started — Curio Cards....

56 Bitcoin Companies Approve Segwit-2Mb Combined Fork Plan

Barry Silbert’s firm the Digital Currency Group (DCG) revealed a scaling agreement on May 23 with a letter of intent backed by 56 Bitcoin...
Bitcoin Association

EY Teams Up With Bitcoin Association of Switzerland

EY joins forces with the Bitcoin Association on Switzerland. This new team association was announced May 17 in a press release by EY.  Also read: U.S. Government...

Blockbounties: New Creative Way to Solve the Scaling Dilemma?

A fascinating new website has recently surfaced that provides a creative way to address the blocksize dilemma. The website is blockbounties.info, and it acknowledges that...
Extension Block

Extension Block Proposal Receives More Industry Support

There's been a lot of discussions in the cryptocurrency space about alternative implementations of the Bitcoin client. Just recently Bitcoin.com reported that Bitpay announced...
Jon Matonis Accepts Executive Position at Blockchain Firm Nchain

Jon Matonis Accepts Executive Position at Blockchain Firm Nchain

The blockchain company Nchain wants to blaze a path toward creating on-chain solutions to the Bitcoin scaling conundrum, and now they have Jon Matonis at the helm....

Is Bitcoin at Risk as Google and IBM Aim for 50-Qubit Quantum Computers?

A looming concern in the crypto community is whether quantum computing will destroy Bitcoin's underlying protocol. People are worried government agencies or other nefarious...

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