Cashila Launches New Ethereum Platform Called ICONOMI


Cashila Launches New Ethereum Platform Called ICONOMI

A new service has been launched by the Cashila team, with the aim of making Ether trading more convenient for users. ICONOMI, as this new feature is called, enables purchases through direct SEPA transfers.

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ICONOMI For Ethereum Enthusiasts

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Cashila is one of the many cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. By focusing on the European market, this company wants to bring popular cryptocurrencies to consumers and businesses all over the continent. Part of ensuring that this service is embraced by everyday consumers hinges on offering a convenient user experience.

A lot of consumers are put off by the idea of how obtaining Bitcoin — or Ether in this case — takes several business days to complete, as bank transfers are not instant. This is why Cashila has created the ICONOMI solution, which in theory gives consumers an opportunity to instantly buy and sell Ether on the exchange through SEPA transfers.

Ethereum has gotten a lot of interest over the past few months, and multiple cryptocurrency exchanges have offered a way for users to get involved in Ether. By the look of things, all of these platforms are slowly gravitating towards offering multiple cryptocurrencies, rather than just Bitcoin. However, there is still a hurdle to overcome, as obtaining Ether is still not very straightforward right now.

Cashila CEO Tim Mitja Zagar stated:

“For now ICONOMI is a platform, where you can easily deal with ether, with a vision to  become a single point of entry for investing into the crypto space. In the future we will be adding various hand-picked cryptocurrencies – the ones we recognize to have a lot of potential and count as valid.”

SEPA transfers in Europe are executed within hours. Settling payments in a faster and more convenient way — while still keeping fees to a minimum — is worth exploring by Bitcoin exchanges as well. This is part of the reason why ICONOMI was launched by Cashila, as it could make the process of getting involved in Ethereum smoother.

The ICONOMI platform operates on a temporary zero-fee structure, for both deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, there is no verification requirement for transfers up to 1,000 EUR, and transactions are processed same-day. Ethereum enthusiasts can also use the platform to store their funds, although it is always advised to move funds to a privately-controlled wallet as soon as possible.

All in all, it is positive to see cryptocurrency exchanges evolve and come up with newer and faster solutions to spread the word on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Achieving mass adoption will be a long process, and things have to evolve one step at a time. Faster purchases and sales of cryptocurrency is an important step towards reaching this goal.

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