You can now buy and sell bitcoin using the Mycelium wallet with the help of Glidera

Mycelium has made an update to their wallet which integrates the Glidera exchange API, which gives users full functionality to buy and sell bitcoin directly within the Mycelium wallet.

According to Mycelium, the feature is available now and is available in USD and CAD currencies only.

Over the past several months, Glidera has become the go-to API provider for bitcoin wallets to integrate buying and selling features seamlessly to end-users creating a universal experience. Airbitz was the first to add Glidera support, which was then followed by BitPay with the Copay wallet.

Mycelium is in the process of making major upgrades to their wallet, completely revamping it with a whole slew of new features and functionality. They also recently launched a crowdsale, which 12 days ago valued the Mycelium wallet at $11.3 million. The crowdsale still has one day to go before it closes. At the time of this publishing, the current BTC raised so far is 2,026.55, with a 5% stake in the Mycelium wallet, updating the valuation for the wallet to $18.2 million.

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