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You can now buy bitcoin instantly with your debit card on Coinbase

In a tweet sent by Coinbase, they announced that users in the U.S. can now buy bitcoin instantly using their Visa or Mastercard.

It’s another step forward that Coinbase is doing to make their platform the easiest way to get people into bitcoin.

If you’re a verified user, you can go to the Payment Methods page (to add your debit card) or the Buys page on your Coinbase account and click on the + Add Debit Card button to get started. Visa and MasterCard are the only cards accepted at this time, and Coinbase charges 3.75% for the convenience of buying bitcoin with your debit card. Withdrawals still need to go into an attached bank account though.

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Coinbase will be limiting debit card purchases to just $250 worth of Bitcoin per day, compared to $10,000 per day when using your bank account. Other services have had instant debit card buys already, for example Circle has been doing this with much success. And all these exchanges provide a way to buy bitcoin with your credit card.'
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