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Burger King Russia Franchise Plans to Accept Bitcoin Payments This Summer

According to the regional news outlet, Uznay Vse, a Russian Burger King located in Moscow has begun testing bitcoin payments for food and drink purchases. The option to use the decentralized currency at Burger King Russia locations is expected to be rolled out across a few more restaurants in the country by the end of the summer.

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Russian Burger King Looks to Integrate Bitcoin for Food and Drink Purchases

Burger King Russia Franchise Plans to Accept Bitcoin Payments This Summer
Burger King Russia.

Bitcoin in Russia has been growing popular, and the country’s government authorities are expected to officially acknowledge and regulate the cryptocurrency in the near future. Now according to reports, Dmitri Medovoy, the general director of Burger King Russia says the fast food franchise is looking for a developer to install a bitcoin payment processing software for the restaurant’s cash registers and apps.

“The company plans to announce the winner of the tender for development of software that would enable us to accept bitcoins,” details the Russian Burger King’s general director. “The contractor will have to develop solutions for, the mobile apps for Android and iOS, and cash registers on R-keeper,”

Burger King Russia will begin accepting Bitcoin in 2017. This decision was made due to the success of cryptocurrency.

Burger King Russia Watching New Trends Closely

Burger King Russia Franchise Plans to Accept Bitcoin Payments This SummerMedovoy has been determined to make Burger King a “market leader” in Russia by planning for the expansion of more restaurants in the Siberian region. Currently, the Burger King franchise only has shops in Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. Uznay Vse details Burger King Russia accepting bitcoin payments is one the first initial steps towards mainstream merchant services accepting cryptocurrencies in the country.          

“Burger King is watching new trends closely, so we decided to launch this project. Cryptocurrency payments are the immediate future,” Medovoy explains.

The main difficulty – tax issues, rather than integration.

Russian Officials Favoring Cryptocurrency Regulation

The Burger King announcement follows the Deputy Head of Russia’s Ministry of Finance Alexey Moiseev’s recent statements towards introducing regulatory guidelines for cryptocurrency purchases. Additionally, the central bank of Russia has been working on a proposal to classify bitcoin as a digital asset for tax purposes. The Russian Burger King will not be the only Burger King brand fast food franchise that accepts bitcoin, as a restaurant in the Dutch city of Arnhem location also accepts the cryptocurrency for food services.

What do you think about Burger King Russia accepting bitcoin? Do you think bitcoin will prosper in the Russian region? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Burger King Russia, and Pixabay. 

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  • Gene

    Wouldn’t LTC be more suitable?

    • Wolf

      It most likey would, easier for small payments, although I think Litecoin will be the next big coin pricewise. I find so many comparisons to bitcoin, It could be way undervalued…….Just an opinion, but what do you do if everyone owns bitcoin as a store of value?

      • Matt Whitlock

        Litecoin doesn’t offer anything beyond what Bitcoin offers, and Bitcoin has strong network effects that will continue to make it more attractive than Litecoin. Even altcoins that do offer features beyond Bitcoin’s will have a very difficult time overcoming Bitcoin’s network effects. Litecoin may temporarily have lower fees than Bitcoin, but this is only because it is far less used. It’s not as though Litecoin has solved the Blockchain Scaling Problem that plagues all blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. (SegWit does help, but it’s not a final solution.)

    • Or better yet, Dash.

      • Natoshi Sakamoto

        No, buddies. The right answer is Lightning Network.

      • kittë

        Dash is backed by bank of America , scam coin

    • Sebastian Zmener

      Why Litecoin? Litecoin is now faster because it doesn’t have the volume of BTC. For the time Litecoin could reach Bitcoin’s level adoption, Bitcoin would have Segwit implemented.

  • Burger King, Russia, Bitcoin: three things I never expected to read in the same sentence.

  • uBTC or pBTC, foolish to use BTC. I guess they are used to long lines and wait times. Or, they throw large BK block parties. It is 660 satoshi to a ruble, so 4mBTC and uBTC for change. Ridiculous use of Bitcoin. They must be talking to the chinese mining consortium.

    • Natoshi Sakamoto

      My dear Patrick, are you forgetting that once lightning network is up, micropayments won’t be a problem anymore?

      • Yes, they need much cheaper transaction fees. Just saying, it seems expensive for rubles and more profitable for the bitcoin exchange encouraging it in Russia as a birth instead of a better evaluated FIAT community. Give more complexity to those who can least afford it and watch the dismay and complaint of the expense multiply. The calculation seems to be sewing discontent before it starts.

        • Natoshi Sakamoto

          Why do you answer me ignoring my words? LIGHTNING NETWORK!

          • The subject of the article is clear, Burger King, Russia, Bitcoin. Time and value are glaring causes for incompatibility. I could probably finish my meal quicker than the transaction unless I pay more for the transaction than the meal. So, enlighten me to how a transaction method solves both cost in the network mempool and costs in the FIAT/Ruble and transaction speed faster than filling my cup with Root Beer?

          • Natoshi Sakamoto

            Wooow, looks like Roger Madman Ver deleted my post just because it had arguments!

          • Natoshi Sakamoto

            Sorry for your life of losses Roger Ver. Anyway, I’d suggest you to get used to it. You are the bad guy in Crypto community, alongside with your boyfriend Jihan Wu. Many people expect you’ll be in jail soon.

          • Natoshi Sakamoto

            Here it is anyway:
            search for Lightning Network on your favourite search engine. You’ll easily find the official site among the first results. Then you’ll find those features i’ll quote here:
            ” Instant Payments. Lightning-fast blockchain payments
            without worrying about block confirmation times. Security is enforced by
            blockchain smart-contracts without creating a on-blockchain transaction
            for individual payments. Payment speed measured in milliseconds to
            “Low Cost. By transacting and settling off-blockchain,
            the Lightning Network allows for exceptionally low fees, which allows
            for emerging use cases such as instant micropayments.”

          • That is what they say. That is what I know, but how exactly does that solve BK, Ruble, Bitcoin? I still say it is a market exploitation to foster more delay and more frustration not market profit for bitcoin.

          • Natoshi Sakamoto

            Let me quote your statement a few comments before: “Time and value are glaring causes for incompatibility. I could probably finish my meal quicker than the transaction unless I pay more for the transaction than the meal.”
            Then you read the features I quoted up. How can it be more explicit to solve the transaction cost and time to confirm?

          • It is and it would be more costly now. Your solution is to add more transactions off chain. It would be more productive to escrow the burger payments, but who would make a ruble then? The FIAT has to be converted in the country of origin in order for profit to scale purchase by tiny purchase. It is just the wrong market, because of the low performance value of the ruble FIAT in light of the outstanding performance value of Bitcoin. The advantage would only be in producing more low fee transactions for the mempool. It is obvious to concentrate on not providing fuel to mempool delay increases. We are talking hundreds of Ruble to hundreds of satoshis. Hundreds of thousands away from a single coin. You want to increase mempool for that, I just cannot agree to freight trains of data for satoshis as a solution.

  • It is just the wrong market push. If you would like to encourage BK to go Bitcoin Worldwide, then they should go for your off chain solution so they could pay the salaries, inventory, and grow the chain and escrow the poor performing FIAT currencies they operate within. Or, you could just agree that a more scaled coin to the Ruble Fiat is a better solution and more appealing. The goal is cryptocurrency win, not cyptocurrency difficulty. The Ruble will not move as fast and there are hundreds of coins that scale to the evaluation of the Ruble right now. Everything crypto is what I root for, decentralization and ease of use to the everyday luddite consumer. Complicating their wallet and transaction network should not be the goal.