BTCC Launches DAX Cryptocurrency-Only Exchange Worldwide

Chinese bitcoin exchange BTCC is launching its own pure cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange. The new platform begins trading on Tuesday with one trading pair, ETC/BTC.

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DAX Launched Worldwide

The longest-running bitcoin exchange in the world, BTCC, announced on Monday the launch of a pure cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange called BTCC DAX. Customers of the new exchange will be able to trade their bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies and vice-versa on the platform, starting with the bitcoin to ethereum classic (ETC) trading pair. DAX is available worldwide including to US residents in New York state, BTCC explained on Twitter.

BTCC Launches DAX Cryptocurrency-Only Exchange Worldwide

The new platform started accepting customer deposits on Monday at 10:00 AM (UTC) and trading is set to go live on Tuesday at the same time, the announcement specified. “We applied our experience operating bitcoin exchanges for more than six years to developing BTCC DAX,” said Aaron Choi, BTCC’s vice president of international business. He added:

DAX is a high-performing trading platform that is easy to use across all devices.

New Look for New Platform

The new platform “has a simple and easy-to-use interface that ensures a straightforward trading experience for beginning and advanced traders,” BTCC described, adding that “the exchange is also fully responsive,” which means it “is available on all desktop and mobile browsers.”

BTCC Launches DAX Cryptocurrency-Only Exchange Worldwide

Signing up for DAX takes only a few seconds to enter a name and an email address. The company detailed that all customer funds are securely held in cold storage and that they offer 24/7 support by BTCC’s customer service department, which has a guaranteed response time of 12 hours.

ETC Backed by Popular Demand

The choice to start trading with ETC resulted from a social media-based poll that went viral in May. CEO Bobby Lee ran a series of polls over two weeks on Twitter asking the community to vote on which digital currency his exchange should list next. ETC won the vote by a strong margin.

BTCC Launches DAX Cryptocurrency-Only Exchange Worldwide

“We’re proud to launch BTC/ETC as our first trading pair on BTCC DAX,” Lee said. “We received an overwhelming response to our poll — more than 190,000 Twitter users voted in it; we congratulate the ETC community for mobilizing to have ETC listed on BTCC.” He then announced the release schedule for future trading pairs:

The first trading pair available on BTCC DAX at launch today is ETC/BTC…BTCC plans to list new cryptocurrencies on DAX in coming weeks. The next currency to be listed on DAX will be ethereum (ETH), which will be introduced during the week of July 3rd, 2017.

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