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Brisbane International is Now the World's First Crypto-Friendly Airport

Last January reported on the Brisbane Airport in Australia preparing to accept cryptocurrencies. Now today all the merchants and airport terminals accept various digital assets such as bitcoin core, dash, bitcoin cash, ethereum, nem, and steem making it one of the friendliest cryptocurrency airports in the world.

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Merchants at Brisbane International Airport Now Accept Various Cryptocurrencies  

Individuals traveling to Brisbane or the South East Queensland area in Australia can now spend various cryptocurrencies at the Brisbane International Airport. The airport is the third busiest airstrip in the country and every merchant there now accepts digital currencies. The cryptocurrency acceptance is due to Brisbane Airport Corporations’ (BAC) partnership with the Australian payment provider Travelbybit. On May 29, the Youtube channel, Nugget’s News Australia, visited the Brisbane airport when the new system was implemented. The host of the video Alex talked detailed that Brisbane is the first international airport that’s entirely “crypto-friendly.” 

Brisbane International is Now the World's First Crypto-Friendly Airport
The Youtube channel Nugget’s News Australia visits Brisbane International Airport the day cryptocurrencies were implemented.

Caleb Yeoh, CEO of Travelbybit explains that people can visit the company’s website to see live transactions.

“We’ve got travelers from all over the world testing it out and I think the merchants are really excited — They have been telling us they have been getting a lot of interaction from all the different visitors and that’s created a bit of a buzz,” Yeoh explained during the video.

Blockchain technology has the ability to make transactions and global commerce a lot more efficient and a lot more transparent.  

Brisbane International is Now the World's First Crypto-Friendly Airport
Caleb Yeoh, CEO of Travelbybit. The Brisbane airport merchants now accept BCH, DASH, ETH, BTC, STEEM, and XEM

Helping Retailers Maintain Relevance and Resilience

The representative from BAC explained that it is important for the company to give passengers choice when traveling to the airport. The BAC executive detailed that the partnership with Travelbybit helps their retailers maintain “relevance and resilience against the threat of online shopping.” Additionally, he stated that BAC would learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions so it could possibly help further operations within the international airport.

“We’re happy to partner with Caleb and help our retailers explore this brave new world of cryptocurrency,” the BAC executive further noted.

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Images: Shutterstock, Youtube, and Nugget’s News Australia.

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