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Brewdog Brand Welcomes Bitcoin Cash

Brewdog Brand Welcomes Bitcoin Cash

One of Britain’s best known breweries is welcoming Bitcoin Cashers to its new bar. Scottish firm Brewdog, which boasts of making “beer for punks”, will be giving away £3,000 (US $4,000) at the opening of its Canary Wharf bar on October 19. The bar will be accepting BCH (and BTC) as payment, funded with the aid of the Bitcoin.com wallet, and is considering accepting BCH at all 38 of its UK bars.

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Brewdog Embraces the Shape of Cash to Come

Brewdog Brand Welcomes Bitcoin Cash to Its Flagship London Bar“Over recent years a band of dedicated people have challenged the mainstream and worked from their homes to craft a new way of doing things,” wrote Brewdog. It is speaking both of its own humble origins, from a small town in the north-east of Scotland to a billion-dollar company in under a decade, and to Bitcoin’s own success story, which occurred over the same period. “If you embrace change to deliver a new normal we are in your corner,” they continued, “whether your weapons of choice are malt, hops, yeast and water or blockchain. All are harnessed to deliver an alternative to the status quo. And you will be able to embrace that alternative at our newest UK Brewdog bar.”

Since starting life as a brewery, Brewdog has diversified and now operates a string of breweries on every major continent. Its latest offering, situated on the waterfront in London’s business heartland, will be its 38th in the UK alone and its seventh in London. When the Canary Wharf bar opens at 12pm on Friday, Oct. 19, the first 100 patrons will be treated to a bitcoin cash wallet containing anywhere between £12 and £100. They explained: “At Brewdog we have worked our entire lives to challenge perceptions and be bold and uncompromising; the developers and miners of cryptocurrency are exactly the same.” It continued:

Adopting alternative payment options for craft beer is a natural fit. And what better place to start subverting the norm in financial transactions than the heart of London’s financial docklands?

Brewdog Brand Welcomes Bitcoin Cash to Its Flagship London Bar
One of Brewdog’s UK bars.

Beer and Crypto: The Perfect Pairing

When Brewdog was born, its founders, James Watt and Martin Dickie, hand-bottled their beers and drove bar-to-bar, selling them out of the trunk of their car. Theirs is a rags to riches tale, one of fighting against the man to becoming the man, while remaining true to the insurrectionary principles upon which the company was founded. The pair are receptive to new technologies, with Martin Dickie known to maintain a particular interest in cryptocurrency. Despite recording astonishing growth (recent estimates value the company at $1.7 billion), Brewdog has remained a spirited and outspoken company that has drawn attention for its viral marketing and innovative packaging as much as for its acclaimed and typically potent beers.

Brewdog Brand Welcomes Bitcoin Cash to Its Flagship London BarBrewdog has explained that it hopes to eventually roll out bitcoin cash as a means of payment in all its UK bars, adding: “Those who rock up to our newest London bar can use either bitcoin [core], bitcoin cash or card to pay for any of the 20 taps of super-fresh craft beer, takeaway bottle and can options, and our loaded menu of burgers, pizza and wings.” Brewdog encourages visitors to download the Bitcoin.com wallet in advance of the opening event to qualify for the BCH giveaway to the first 100 attendees, finishing: “How does that sound, London?”

Do you think more bars should accept bitcoin cash and would you use cryptocurrency to buy beer? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, and Brewdog.

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