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Breeze Wallet Integrates Trustless Payment Hub Tumblebit

This week the Stratis project announced a full implementation of Tumblebit into the firm’s “Breeze Privacy Protocol” which aims to offer a safe way to anonymize cryptocurrency transactions.

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Stratis Implements Tumblebit Technology Into the Startup’s Breeze Wallet

Breeze Wallet Integrates Trustless Payment Hub Tumblebit The Stratis Platform is a project that leverages a native token called “Strat” while also utilizing the backbone of bitcoin’s blockchain as well. The company, founded in 2016 by Chris Trew, focuses on providing developers and institutions the ability to deploy distributed ledger applications. So far Stratis has developed it’s own ‘master node’ infrastructure for it’s native token, a bitcoin-based blockchain interface that utilizes C# and the Microsoft .NET codebase, a Bitcoin full node written in C#, and this past July released the alpha version of Breeze Wallet.

Stratis developers announced earlier this year they were initially working with the researchers who wrote the Tumblebit white paper, and planned on integrating the protocol into Breeze. Now, this week the Stratis team announced they have successfully implemented the privacy-centric bitcoin tumbler into the Breeze user interface. The development team believes the wallet has reached a major milestone by providing a higher level of privacy for Strat and bitcoin transactions.

“This development has allowed us to start seeing considerable volume of transactions protected by ‘Breeze’s Privacy Protocol,’ the architecture developed by Stratis, which provides a safe way to anonymize cryptocurrencies,” explains the Stratis team.

The Breeze Wallet is now fully capable of providing enhanced privacy to bitcoin transactions through a secure connection. Utilising Breeze Servers that are pre registered on the network using a secure, trustless registration mechanism that is resistant to manipulation and censorship.

Breeze Wallet Integrates Trustless Payment Hub Tumblebit
The Stratis Breeze Wallet with Tumblebit functionality.

Stratis Expects the Privacy-Centric Tool Will Be Used in Commercial Settings

Breeze Wallet Integrates Trustless Payment Hub Tumblebit Tumblebit has been a highly anticipated feature for privacy advocates in the bitcoin ecosystem. The concept aims to create a trustless anonymous payment hub and theoretically “no-one, not even the Tumbler, can tell which payer paid which payee during a Tumblebit epoch,” explains the protocol’s white paper. The blockchain development platform, Stratis, explains they expect their ‘Breeze Tumbler’ wallet to be used in “commercial” settings where large businesses keep sensitive data private and away from the eyes of their competitors.

Stratis is not the only development team working on a Tumblebit wallet, as there are a few other projects experimenting with the protocol. Software developer Adam Ficsor is creating a SPV application called “Hidden Wallet,” which also deploys a Tumblebit mixer. Tumblebit researchers Nicolas Dorier, and Ethan Heilman have also been developing this protocol further.

Stratis says they look forward to releasing the team’s version of Tumblebit to the general public. When launched users can expect to find the Tumblebit release at the Breeze project repository called “Breezehub.

What do you think about Stratis implementing Tumblebit into the team’s Breeze Wallet platform? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, Stratis, and the Tumblebit logo. 

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