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Boost VC stats reveal over $50 million invested in blockchain startups

In a recent Medium post by Boost VC founder and CEO Adam Draper, he said that in the past three years Boost VC has invested in 52 blockchain startups, in addition to many other startups. In the post, Draper said that the total money raised by all Boost VC companies is $86 million across 93 companies, and the total valuation is $390 million.

Draper didn’t specify exactly how much of the $86 million was set aside to blockchain startups. However, according to figures provided to Coindesk by Boost VC, blockchain startups have so far raised $52 million.

Boost VC is an accelerator who invests in startups who are using emerging technology. Here are just a few of the blockchain startups that Boost VC has invested in below. As you can see from the list, many of the startups are bitcoin exchanges, which further drives home the point that financial services such as bitcoin exchanges are gaining a lot of attention this year, especially from VC’s.

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