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Boost VC poll shows that portfolio companies are more excited about bitcoin

Boost VC is an accelerator which invests in startups who are using emerging technology, such as bitcoin and the blockchain.

In a poll that Boost VC ran against all of their portfolio companies that are focused on bitcoin and blockchain tech, it showed that all of the companies are optimistic about bitcoin. This should be expected since all the companies are working on bitcoin and/or blockchain startups. However, it should be noted that the companies seemed to be more excited about bitcoin than blockchain tech in the poll results.

In a post by Boost VC founder and CEO Adam Draper, he wrote about the poll:

We polled all of the Blockchain (meaning Bitcoin also) companies in our portfolio (56 companies) to understand the sentiment they are feeling around Bitcoin and the Blockchain. We are in a unique position to have access to such a large network, and thought it might accurately represent the market.

In the poll results, it shows that 64% of the companies were more excited about bitcoin and 57% of investors are “luke warm” about bitcoin. In another pie chart showing the poll results, it shows that there “are not enough ways to use [bitcoin]” when asked about what is holding bitcoin back. 31% of the poll results say that bitcoin is lacking marketing. Poll results below.

Recently, Boost VC boasted stats which revealed over $50 million invested in blockchain startups, with 52 companies in total receiving investment.

And in a post today, Draper published an update saying there are now a total of 55 blockchain companies that they have invested in.

bitcoin poll

bitcoin poll

bitcoin poll

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