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Blockchain updates HD wallet with transaction history export and notifications menu

Blockchain which operates the Blockchain wallet, Blockchain explorer, and various bitcoin charts and market information, has updated their HD wallet with new features by adding a transaction history export and a “What’s New” notification menu.

In February, Blockchain updated their bitcoin wallet to a new Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet, improving overall user experience, privacy, and security. Since then they’ve been on a roll sort of speak, making changes to continue innovating such as the announcement of the Thunder Network and being recognized by the World Economic Forum as being a Technology Pioneer.

In the latest update to the Blockchain wallet, the bitcoin startup has added two new features:

Exporting Transaction History

This feature gives users the ability to export their entire wallet transaction history which makes it easier to manage your finances from multiple wallets, and keep them organized in a way that works best for you. The export option is accessible in the upper right corner of the transactions feed.

What’s New Notifications Menu

This feature lets you check in to see details on the latest wallet updates to keep you notified on recent changes or discover new features.

In May, Blockchain updated the wallet home page to help users convert to the new HD wallet and also released a new video to much fanfare which shows the true advantages of bitcoin. Many believe other companies should jump on this type of media to display the wonderful attributes bitcoin gives to the world.

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