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News updates wallet home page to help convert users to the new HD wallet

Blockchain co-founder Nicolas Cary tweeted earlier today that users should check out the new Blockchain wallet home page. On the wallet home page you will find that Blockchain has changed the login page to help push users to their new HD wallet.

In February, Blockchain officially launched their new HD wallet, which is is focused on security, privacy, and a better user experience.

The updated wallet home page has a login button dedicated to the new HD wallet, for new users to create a wallet or for existing users to login. Previously the focus was on the “legacy” wallet for users to login and for new users to create a (now legacy) wallet. The shift in focus clearly is aimed to get users on the new wallet and converted over from the old wallet. This is a good thing, as users on the legacy wallet should convert over for an updated platform with better security and that promotes better user privacy, through the use of a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet architecture.

In addition on the page are some new FAQs for users, including a new video that it appears Blockchain commissioned for their new wallet home page, embedded below.

On the page, it says:

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It also goes into detail of the HD wallet design and features, including a link to the wallet open-source code.'
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