Blockchain Education Network to Conduct Multi-City 'Bitcoin Airdrop'


Blockchain Education Network to Conduct Multi-City 'Bitcoin Airdrop'

The Blockchain Education Network will be conducting a global ‘Bitcoin Airdrop’ in partnership with Bitjob. It has been announced that fintech universities and cryptocurrency communities from 7 countries will participate in the airdrop, with the first event commencing on August 11 in Colombia. The events will distribute free bitcoin to young adults, and is set to see participation from many significant entities within the cryptocurrency industries.

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The Airdrop Will Explore a Wide Range of Topics and Themes Pertinent to Different Sectors Within the Cryptocurrency Industry

Blockchain Education Network to Conduct Multi-City 'Bitcoin Airdrop'

The Blockchain Education Network has announced that it will be conducting a global ‘Bitcoin Airdrop’, starting in Colombia on August 11. The bitcoin event will then move to Russia, and will also make stops at the McGill University and the Richard Ivey School of Business in Canada; UC Berkeley, Wake Forest University, and St. Petersburg in the United States; the University of Queensland in Australia; Trivandrum and Bangalore in India, and in Puerto Rico. Several educational institutions are giving away small quantities of bitcoin during the event, providing young adults with the opportunity to experience cryptocurrency use.

The director of growth at the Blockchain Education Network, Alberto Jauregui, has stated that he believes the “Bitcoin Airdrop serves as an engine to introduce students to the disruptive blockchain industry and incentivize them to band together to form new [Blockchain Education Network] chapters or regions.” The airdrop will explore a wide range of topics and themes pertinent to different sectors within the cryptocurrency industry. Jorge Perez, the director of the Blockchain Education Network Columbia, will be hosting the first event at a local restaurant, and is expected to focus on bitcoin adoption throughout Colombia and Latin America.

The second event is to be hosted in St.Petersburg in Russia on August 16, and will be a collaborative event held in unison with an ICO-Hypethon – an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) focussed hackathon where developers will be developing digital infrastructure surrounding ICOs to pitch to investors. Director of the Blockchain Education Network in Russia and key organizer of ICO-Hypethon, Rodion Mikhalev, describes the ICO-Hypethon as “a mix between a hackathon [and] an accelerator. It’s a 48-hour event hosted by Crypto Friends, where Eberhard Lindfort will screen the top 20 projects out of hundreds of applicants. Teams chosen will receive help from experienced [b]lockchain experts which will help them finalize their business and them into successful ICO launches.” The Blockchain Education Network will also incentivize investment from ICO angels at the event, offering bitcoin to investors who partner with projects during the 48-hour event.

“This Year’s Event Is Shaping up to Be the Largest Ever as the Popularity of Bitcoin… Continues to Rise Globally” – Dror Medalion, Bitjob CEO

Blockchain Education Network to Conduct Multi-City 'Bitcoin Airdrop'

The Blockchain Education Network’s bitcoin airdrop began as a small event held outside of the main library at the University of South Florida last year, for which Alberto Jauregui hid paper wallets throughout the campus. For this year’s airdrop, Jauregui has planned a Bitcrawl in St. Petersburg, Florida – an event pioneered by McGill Students Cryptocurrency Club in Montreal, which sees the entirety of a main street agrees to accept bitcoin and become overrun by cryptocurrency enthusiasts for an evening.

The director of the Blockchain Education Network’s high school network, Sunrose Billing, has expressed his enthusiasm for the airdrop as a means to expose young adults to bitcoin, inspiring growth in the next generation of cryptocurrency adopters. “Blockchain [technology] and cryptocurrencies are really taking off and will absolutely continue to grow at a rapid pace. That’s clear when you see teenagers day trading, analyzing macro landscapes and taking the time to educate themselves about innovation in this space in their spare time.”

The airdrop’s principal sponsor is Bitjob, with Blockchain TV, Btc Media, Diid, and MLG Blockchain also supporting the event. Dror Medalion, co-founder and CEO of Bitjob, has stated that “It is a true honor to be sponsoring the 2017 Blockchain Education Network’s Global Bitcoin Airdrop across university campuses… This year’s event is shaping up to be the largest ever as the popularity of Bitcoin and blockchain [technology] continues to rise globally.”

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