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Blockchain Startup DECENT Launches Web Prototype

Switzerland-based blockchain content distribution network DECENT has just launched its web application prototype. DECENT is currently finishing up its ICO, and now users and investors can test the platform before the crowdsales end.

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DECENT Opens Web Prototype To The Public

decent-greenThe prototype is publicly available, showcasing the platform’s user interface and inner workings. The pre-release of the DECENT platform aims to give people a feel of the environment before blockchain storage activation in 2017.

DECENT explained the decentralized content distribution platform is open source and relies on blockchain technology for security. The platform gives incentives to creative people, authors, and bloggers by enabling censorship resistant media content. DECENT says third parties and publishing fees have “no meaning in DECENT ecosystem.” So not only is it appealing to everyday bloggers but DECENT is ideal for free speech supporters, activists, and whistleblowers. The recently released web prototype is the earliest vision of DECENT’s goal.

“Our prototype is a final step on our path towards providing the world with a revolutionary platform that protects privacy, prevents piracy, and makes digital content sharing easier, safer, and cheaper,” said Director and Co-founder of DECENT Matej Boda. “We have received acclaim from early users who have tested the prototype so far, and look forward to commentary from the public so we can continually improve. User-friendliness is the most important factor for us because mainstream adoption is our goal. To that end, our mission is to remove every pain point for content consumers.”


 Funding Round & International Partnerships

The DECENT project is currently ending its ICO which ends 6th November. So far the startup has raised 5760 BTC, and after the sale, DCT tokens will begin to be distributed. The DECENT team has also been partnering with international businesses ranging from China to Europe. Partnerships include one of China’s leading Internet CDN providers and the Polish mining firm

“Even before we launch, DECENT’s network is growing with incredible speed. Companies with valuable content are the first to see the value and capability of the DECENT platform. We have spent years conceptualizing, planning, and building the foundation for DECENT, and now the finish line for the ICO is in our sights,” Boda explained.

Changing Content Distribution   

DECENT tells us the prototype will include content publishing, a search engine, and content ratings. Authors and content creators can sign up and have the ability to upload and view media. The developers explain the prototype will also be able to tether to profiles on other social media accounts. Furthermore, DECENT developers detail profiles will have access to an array of services and a wallet for DCT storage.

The project hopes it gathers success with its idea and platform. There is a multitude of other decentralized projects seeking the same goals as DECENT. Lots of these projects are also using blockchain tech to leverage content distribution. It is apparent that the centralized digital content distribution mediums of today are monopolistic. DECENT believes it can popularize its platform to create an open source blockchain solution to the problem.

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