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New Blockchain.com Portal Declares World Open for Business

There’s a new website in crypto-land called Blockchain.com brought to you by the popular wallet and blockchain explorer firm Blockchain.info (BC.info). The sleek new site offers industry news, a free wallet, support, information on merchant services and industry jobs, as well as insight into how Bitcoin technology is enabling individual prosperity and more control over our wealth.

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Blockchain.com Overview

The latest addition to the BC.info family is a new web portal that gives novices and seasoned Bitcoin supporters a new place to (re)discover Bitcoin. Currently, there are a few posts describing the fantastic opportunities with Bitcoin such as a story called  “Merchant Spotlight – The Uncommons,” which sheds light on Manhattan’s first and only board game cafe. Another post called “Merchant Spotlight – La Nay Ferme” that details a Utah-based biodynamic farm. All of these wonderful stories show how cryptocurrency can raise any ordinary business to a new level.


Blockchain.com also displays the popular Bitcoin commercial BC.info released last month, which had garnered much attention for being professionally made, yet informative. Additionally, visitors can find out how to obtain a wallet among the vast amount of 7 million plus wallets already distributed by BC.info and support for technical issues involved with the team’s platform. BC.info says on their new website:

At the heart of digital currency is powerful, decentralized technology that is revolutionizing the way people around the world exchange value. Watch the videos for an introduction to bitcoin and open finance. Over 65 million individuals and hundreds of thousands of merchants use Bitcoin every day. Blockchain.com is here to show you how it all works.

The website also provides a BC.info career section where people can find a job within this growing industry such as customer service, designers, developers, marketing, and more.


Bitcoin.com is proud to be a friend of Blockchain.com, and both sites are made to bring the very best in cryptocurrency solutions and distributed ledger technology. Both websites employ passionate people who love to promote this financial technology and wholeheartedly believe in its future. The industry surrounding Bitcoin is still young in its seventh year but firms like BC.info are definitely helping the environment grow, and the new website is the next step in the company’s forward progression.

What do you think about BC.info’s Blockchain.com? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of BC.info, blockchain.com, nhpr.org

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