More People Taking Blockchain Classes as New Economy Grows


More People Taking Blockchain Classes as New Economy Grows

A new economy is emerging from Bitcoin and blockchain technology. These new markets have created countless new jobs. People are now enrolling in classes to learn the relevant new skills.

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Software Developers Taking Courses To Get Ahead In The Blockchain Economy

bitcoin educationAccording to Bloomberg, many developers are attending cryptocurrency and blockchain classes to improve their knowledge in this budding industry. Software developers are currently enrolling in either paid courses or free online classes to get an edge on others. This includes courses such as the Blockchain Bootcamp in Luxembourg, Byte Academy in New York, and Princeton’s Coursera program on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology.

Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik explained to the publication that while there are currently only 250 people who are true blockchain experts at the moment, that number is expected to rise.

Since the inception of the Coursera program, the course teacher Arvind Narayanan told Bloomberg 35,000 people have taken the class. This semester there are 46,000 enrolled. According to Bitcoin pioneer Jered Kenna, experienced blockchain professionals can net over $200,000 USD in annual income.

“The supply of people that have extensive blockchain experiences is pretty low,” Kenna explained. “And the demand is quickly increasing. Sometimes they get five job offers a day.”

Byte AcademyWhile Princeton’s Coursera program is free others are not. Byte Academy’s 8-week course costs $10,000, and the Luxembourg Blockchain Bootcamp’s two-day class is €1,200 EUR. Byte Academy in New York provides a variety of lessons focused on fintech, data science, and Medtech. The course is a full stack Python coding bootcamp that offers “networking and job opportunities through our partnerships with industry leading companies and central Manhattan location.”

Luxembourg School of Business was founded in 2014 and just recently started its Blockchain Bootcamp class and active workshop. The school claims that after the 2-day course attendees should be able to “grasp on what Blockchain is, how exactly it will affect your business, and what the opportunities related to this technology are.” The bootcamp also promises to give a clear idea of blockchain limitations and regulatory policy as well.

Legacy Institutions Are Sending Employees To Blockchain Courses

courseraWhile individual developers are taking courses to get ahead, banks are sending their staff to Blockchain classes as well. This November Deloitte is holding a blockchain bootcamp in Brussels for about 30 employees. The company says in time the bootcamp will also be available to its clientele as the course progresses. Lory Kehoe, a blockchain lab lead at Deloitte, explained:

For us it’s really important that we send people to camps like that for Deloitte to be part of the blockchain ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain economy is growing bigger and doesn’t seem to be slowing. There is a lot of hype surrounding the technology, but companies everywhere are teaching their staff and developers are gaining personal knowledge about the trade. As more people become educated experts in the distributed ledger field these innovational flowers should blossom.

What do you think about people taking classes to get ahead in the blockchain-based economy? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Bloomberg

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