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Blockchain-Based Game 'Spells of Genesis' Launches Globally

Video game developers Everdreamsoft and their partner All 4 Games officially launched their flagship blockchain-based mobile title “Spells of Genesis.” They published a press release on April 20, proudly saying they released the game in full. According to the developers, Spells of Genesis takes advantage of the bitcoin blockchain by allowing users to store cards on it. 

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The game is a meld of strategic card gaming mixed with old school arcade influence. Players collect cards and use them to destroy enemy cards.

The graphical interface is compelling and the game looks good. It is difficult to defeat the addictive nature of arcade action mixed with the joy of card-collecting. However, the most intriguing part of the game is the fact users can store cards on the blockchain.

The website explained the game,

Spells of Genesis is a mobile game that is a mix of a trading card game (TCG), bringing in deck collection and strategy, along with arcade-style gaming aspects. The game is based on blockchain technology, which is also the main source of inspiration for the story line.

Limited Edition Blockchain-Based Card and other On-Chain Cards

When the game is released, EDS Marketing Manager Markéta Korteova said, “users will also receive a limited special card along with a reset of all in game achievements, gold and cards earned, crystals collected and card level-ups.”

This special card is also a blockchain-backedBlockchain-Based Game 'Spells of Genesis' Launches Globally card. It was handed out on May 2 and 3. Their press release said this card is a gift to users who played the original version of the game and linked their bitcoin address to their account.

However, this card is not the only available blockchain card. Within the game, players can use in game currency to purchase more blockchain cards. There is a news page on their website that showcases some of these cards.

Loads of Blockchain Fun; Highly Replayable Game

According to some reviewers, the game is loads of fun, with blockchain integration being icing on the cake. Before the game launched in full, writer Trevor Hill reviewed the games addictive nature.

He said, “There has been a positive response to the game, with Tyson O’Ham, video game writer and reviewer at The Stoned Gamer, saying that Spells of Genesis offers content that gives people a reason to stay with the game. According to the press release, the game’s developers consider this replayability key to the game’s mainstream adoption.”

This replayability factor combined with its blockchain-backed card features could make the game an interesting and appealing for many people for years to come, especially for those who like decentralized systems and the nostalgia of arcade gaming action.

What do you think about Spells of Genesis and blockchain-based games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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