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Blockchain's 10 Millionth Wallet And 'Not Looking Back'

Blockchain's 10 Millionth Wallet And 'Not Looking Back'

Bitcoin wallet and explorer company Blockchain has recently reached a milestone in the industry. This past week the company issued its 10 millionth wallet, continuing its leadership as one of the most popular wallets in this space.

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Blockchain’s 10 Million Bitcoin Wallets

blockchain-logo-blue6Blockchain was an early Bitcoin company founded in 2011, providing both a wallet service and explorer. Furthermore, the platform carries certain Bitcoin network statistics. For instance, Blockchain provides data on unconfirmed transactions, total blockchain size, orphaned blocks, and much more useful data. One of those figures is the company’s issued wallet count, now at 10 million wallets.  

“Hitting this milestone at this particular moment isn’t a coincidence. Bitcoin has become a safe haven in the face of geopolitical events like the Brexit vote, the US Presidential election, and a weakening yuan,” said Blockchain in a recent blog post.

Blockchain said it has seen exponential levels of Bitcoin activity and transactions on their platform. Besides utilizing the decentralized currency for global political issues, there is a wealth of digital financial products in the making.

For them, bitcoin can and has changed lives.

In-Wallet Purchasing, Thunder Network, and Facilitating a Financial Revolution

imagesRecently, Bitcoin.com reported on Blockchain teaming up with Coinify to add in-wallet purchases. The company said this move will be its first step towards making bitcoin more accessible and user-friendly. Furthermore, it has released its third wallet installment this year and has been developing protocols like the Thunder network. Thunder is an off-chain solution that uses alternate nodes to make transactions faster.

“Thunder has the potential to facilitate secure, trustless, and instant payments. It has the ability to unleash the power of microtransactions, to allow the bitcoin network to handle heavy loads, and to increase user privacy,” Blockchain stated at the time.

Blockchain knows there is a long way to go before bitcoin replaces the traditional financial infrastructure. But this year the company is seeing record levels of activity, and this is a great sign for the emerging network. “People are embracing the need for a more globally accessible financial system, and one that does not exclude over one-third of the world’s population,” it explained.

Blockchain Is Not Looking Back

10 million wallets issued is quite a feat, and at this rate, the company expects to have millions more. The Luxembourg-based firm has done quite well for itself, raising $30 million from investors since its inception.

Co-founder Nicolas Cary was pleased about the 10 millionth wallet issued, stating:

Passing through 10 million blockchain wallets and not looking back! Go team!

The Bitcoin-based company is very thankful this year, Blockchain said. The company wants to thank all of their users who use the platform to create a better financial tomorrow.

What do you think about Blockchain issuing 10 million wallets? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Pixabay, Shutterstock, and Blockchain.info

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