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Block Propagation Startup Bloxroute Partners With Mining Operation Rawpool

On Thursday, Bloxroute Labs announced a partnership with the China-based mining operation Rawpool Group and global video communication software firm Yeecall. Both Rawpool and Yeecall plan to be the first cryptocurrency businesses to adopt Bloxroute’s product, dubbed the Blockchain Distribution Network version one.

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Bloxroute Labs Gathers Two Partners 

Block Propagation Startup Bloxroute Partners With Mining Operation RawpoolBloxroute is a company that claims it can provide blockchain networks with better efficiency by propagating blocks in a neutral manner. According to the Bloxroute whitepaper, the Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) cannot favor specific nodes. Bloxroute claims the BDN deployment will enable participating nodes to maintain consensus by remaining provably neutral even when mining thousands of onchain transactions per second. On Jan. 10, the company announced it has partnered with the Chinese organization Rawpool Group and the developers of Yee Chain in order to begin node deployment in February. According to the announcement, the Bloxroute API will support both Ethereum and Bitcoin gateways.

“Rawpool and Yee Chain will be among the first adopters of the Bloxroute BDN version one available for deployment in Q1 and will participate in the first testing of the Bloxroute BDN scheduled for February,” explained Bloxroute Labs. “This test will be followed by a large-scale test in March that will include many miners and users.”

‘Faster Than Any Other Peer’

Block Propagation Startup Bloxroute Partners With Mining Operation RawpoolWhen version one of the Bloxroute BDN releases, the product will be a fully operational network with 15 nodes across five continents, the startup detailed. Further, the development team hopes to continue scaling and deploy 30-50 nodes by Q3 2019. The company believes the BDN tests in March will attract more mining pools. Bloxroute claims the company’s product is the “only layer zero scalability solution that solves the scalability problem at its core.” The software’s whitepaper asserts that mass use of the BDN network will provide network participants with the ability to propagate blocks and receive transactions “faster than any other peer.” During the announcement on Thursday, the startup explained that the mining operation Rawpool will see similar results.   

“This partnership is not only a large step towards scaling blockchains but also will allow Rawpool to immediately hear about and send blocks faster,” Bloxroute stated.

Bloxroute’s New Partners Are BCH Friendly

Bloxroute’s product will be usable by any single node and does not require majority adoption. The whitepaper claims the protocol that runs underneath the consensus layer could allow for 100 transactions per second (TPS) in contrast to Bitcoin Core’s 3 TPS. The BDN might be best suited for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miners as Bloxroute does not require any fees or any protocol change except for increasing the block size parameter. Further, last September Rawpool was the largest BCH mining pool, and in an interview at the time, founder and chief executive of Rawpool Group David Li emphasized that he liked testing large blocks. Last year, on Sept. 11, Rawpool also published an objective evaluation of the original topological transaction ordering rule (TTOR) and canonical transaction ordering (CTOR). Yee Chain has also been friendly toward the BCH ecosystem when its Yee Wallet product developers partnered with the Bitcoin Cash Association and airdropped small fractions of BCH to its users.

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Images credits: Shutterstock, Bloxroute, Rawpool, and Pixabay.

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