Bjork to Embrace Cryptocurrency With Upcoming Album Launch


Bjork to Embrace Cryptocurrency With Upcoming Album Launch

Icelandic musician and composer, Bjork, has sought to embrace cryptocurrencies with the release of her new album. Bjork’s ninth studio album, Utopia, will be made available for purchase using bitcoin, litecoin, dash, or audiocoin. Purchasers of the album will also receive 100 free Audiocoins – a little-known altcoin valued at less than $0.004 USD.

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Bjork’s Record Label Has Teamed Up With U.K.-based Blockchain Startup Blockpool

Bjork to Embrace Cryptocurrency With Upcoming Album LaunchOne Little Indian Records will team-up with B2B blockchain solutions company Blockpool to accept and distribute cryptocurrency as part of the release of Bjork’s new album, Utopia.

Fans will be able to purchase Bjork’s ninth studio album using one of four cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, litecoin, dash, or audiocoin. Purchasers of the album will also receive 100 Audiocoins as a bonus ‘reward’. CEO of Blockpool, Kevin Bacon, has stated “this isn’t about jumping on a bandwagon or trying to get rich quick. It’s about doing things where you use blockchain and the crypto benefits in ways that people haven’t thought of yet.”

Blockpool’s website states that the collaboration employs “its proprietary blockchain integration technology to build a smart rewards system,” alongside their “cryptocurrency checkout plugin.” When a customer proceeds through the checkout after purchasing Bjork’s album, they will be invited to claim their Audiocoins using the Blockpool’s ‘myblockpool’ portal.

Bjork’s New Album Is Available for Purchase Using Four Cryptocurrencies

Bjork to Embrace Cryptocurrency With Upcoming Album LaunchAudiocoin (ADC) was launched in 2015, seeking to incentivize both consumption and production of music through distributing Audiocoins to music consumers in exchange for streaming and downloading music. According to Gizmodo, individuals are able to mine audiocoins by streaming music using the Aurovine platform.

Since the start of November, the value of audiocoins has approximately doubled, likely owing to the news of Bjork’s album launch in conjunction with the altcoin’s diminutive market capitalization. As of this writing, the price of a single audiocoin is less than 0.4 of a cent, and ADC has a total market capitalization of approximately $3.2 million USD (it had a total market capitalization of less than $1 million USD until midway through this year).

In July, Grammy award winning DJ, RAC, made his fifth album available for purchase using Ethereum tokens. RAC launched his album via Ujo Music, a subsidiary of Consensys.

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