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Bitrefill CEO on Accepting Altcoins for Worldwide Mobile Top-Ups

On 23 March, 2016, Bitcoin-friendly mobile top-up service Bitrefill announced that they will start accepting other cryptocurrencies. This new feature became possible through integration with

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Bitrefill is an online services that let’s users easily top up their mobile plans from over 600 operators across 143 countries. Additionally, it’s possible to send money to your granny’s phone even if she lives on another continent. Digital currency bitcoin makes this process frictionless, easy and with little to no fees as the service aims at setting a 0% fee on all directions.

“We’re constantly setting new traffic records.”

– Sergej Kotliar

Until now, customers could only refill their accounts using bitcoin, but you can also choose to other cryptocurrencies by clicking ”Pay with altcoins” on the payment screen and the system will redirect you to ShapeShift page. Simply pick any available altcoin that you like and send the payment to the given address. reached out to Bitrefill CEO, Sergej Kotliar, to find out more details on this good news. (BC): Why did you choose ShapeShift for this kind of partnership?

Sergej Kotliar

Sergej Kotliar (SK): Shapeshift offers us one very easy integration that allows many altcoins to be used, so it was an easy choice.

BC: So, other alts can be used too? Not only Dogecoin and Ether, featuring your blog post?

SK: Yes, any altcoin! Almost any, Shapeshift supports a lot of them.


BC: Can you share your top-up statistics? Which countries use your service the most?

SK: We’re constantly setting new traffic records. Our “usual” countries in South Asia are going really well, growing a lot in Western Europe (Germany, UK, Spain) and actually growing a lot in Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines too. We now have recurring users in 91 countries, “from Albania to Zimbabwe.” Partnerships in place with and Xapo.bitrefill

BC: What exactly will and Xapo do for Bitrefill?

SK: Xapo has integrated our service into their wallet, and is promoting us from their landing page after login (try it). lists us as a “trusted partner” and sends us a lot of traffic. We’ve also integrated Coinbase for payments inside our App.

BC: Thank you for your insight Sergej.

You can try Bitrefill in your country and top-up your friends’ accounts — even if they live abroad — with the most popular cryptocurrencies here.

Have you tried Bitrefill? Will altcoin integration bring in more users? Share your thoughts with us below!

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