BitQuick Plans To Reopen Shortly As Refund Process Is Almost Complete


BitQuick Plans To Reopen Shortly As Refund Process Is Almost Complete

Many bitcoin enthusiasts will remember the sudden news of the BitQuick exchange platform being taken offline due to a server breach. The website itself was pulled down by the owners, and all of the outstanding funds was to be refunded to customers. However, there is still a small amount of funds that has not been returned to its rightful users, as no one has claimed the funds. Moreover, BitQuick is still planning to let the exchange platform return and expects it to be online again in the next few weeks.

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BitQuick Refund Process Almost Complete

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It is positive to see a Bitcoin exchange ensuring customers get their funds back after the platform has been breached. Ever since the Mt. Gox debacle, Bitcoin exchange users are very anxious about their funds whenever a data breach takes place. In recent times, Bitstamp was breached as well, which lead to some users losing funds, which was reimbursed by the exchange itself.

Things are a bit different in the case of BitQuick, as the exchange owners have asked users to get in touch with them regarding getting their funds back. Most of these claims have been taken care of since that time, but there is still 2% of funds remaining unclaimed. The team urges all of its users to ensure their refunds claim has been submitted via email, and those users who have not done so yet should get in touch with the company as soon as possible.

BitQuick CEO and Founder Jad Mubaslat stated:

“We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and patience while we go through this process. It’s a shame that Bitcoin services are targeted so heavily by cyber-criminals, but we will not return until we have the utmost confidence that our platform is secured once again. We realize that we have a truly unique service, not only because of how our platform works, but more importantly because of the way we treat our customers.”

It is equally important to note that, during the BitQuick breach, no files or information in the database has been destroyed. The internal investigation of this security flaw is almost complete, and the – probably – source for the exploit is the company’s receipt upload function. Moreover, there is a realistic chance the BitQuick database has been leaked in the process, although this did not contain any sensitive financial information. Users are advised to keep a close eye on any phishing scams coming their way via email or telephone, though.

Returning In 2-4 Weeks From Now

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Users will be pleased to hear everything is still on track to see BitQuick come back online in the next two to four weeks from now. The entire source code is being secured and audited at the time of publication, which may cause some slight delays to get the platform back up and running. However, the timeline as mentioned earlier of two to four weeks is doable at this point.

Once BitQuick is restored to its former glory, the plan is to make this Bitcoin exchange platform better than it has ever been before. The team welcomes any questions or suggestions users might have during this time as the company knows how valuable its customers are.

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