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Bitpay adds beta exchange to the Copay wallet

Bitcoin payment processing company Bitpay has announced that it has launched a new feature in it’s open source bitcoin wallet Copay which will allow users to buy and sell bitcoins directly inside of the wallet app.

Tapping into the Glidera bitcoin exchange API, Bitpay is testing the invite-only exchange in the updated Copay wallet version 1.3.1.

Recently Airbitz bitcoin wallet was the first to release a beta version of the Glidera exchange inside of their wallet which will function just like the Copay wallet.

Glidera is a Chicago based bitcoin exchange which allows users to buy and sell bitcoins using their platform. As part of the Glidera offering, they help wallet developers integrate their bitcoin exchange functionality right into wallet applications. Glidera never takes custody of a customer’s funds, but merely enables the transaction via a connected bank account using low cost ACH transfers.

As part of the beta release, Bitpay is doing a Twitter campaign called #UseCopay where if you tag in @BitPay and tell them how you use the app, you may receive access to the invite-only beta version to test out the exchange within the wallet.

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