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Bitnation Introduces Smart Love, a Blockchain Marriage Application

Bitnation is a decentralized, blockchain-powered nation driven by technology. As part of its commitment to freedom, it recently pledged to create Smart Love, a blockchain powered marriage service. Smart Love will feature during the EtherCamp hackathon, starting November 17.

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Smart Love Crucial to Bitnation’s Polylegal Platform

Bitcoin.com_BitNationThe borderless voluntary nation has been working on Pangea, a Decentralized Blockchain Jurisdiction, since 2015. Bitnation chose Secure Scuttlebutt, a decentralized, peer-to-peer, communications protocol with end-to-end encryption that communicates with the Ethereum blockchain to both create and execute smart contracts.

Smart Love will be be the first end-use application for Pangea, and an essential part of Bitnation’s polylegal dispute resolution platform. This is, according to Bitnation, the ideal EtherCamp hackathon project.

Every useful marriage agreement needs to establish moderate entry barriers, and tough – perhaps very tough – exit barriers. Smart Love is no different, as it will incorporate legal code, arbitrators and enforcement mechanisms as per the user’s choice.

Smart Love, by design, links to a broad ecosystem of agreements such as child care, inheritances, and asset sharing. These agreements have historically been linked to marriage.

Bitnation founder Susanne Tarkowski Templehof said in the release:

Smart Love is the sandbox in which we can experiment with our technology to create a useful application from which we can build the entire Pangea ecosystem: an Emoji-enabled, decentralized and encrypted chat application on which Bitnation Citizens can create and enter into robust legal contracts and resolve disputes with anyone else in the world, without any 3rd party intervention.

Bination’s blockchain love solutions

Smart Love isn’t the first time Bitnation uses the blockchain to spread love. On October 5 2014, it organized the world’s first ever blockchain marriage during a bitcoin conference in Disney world, Florida. It also organized the second one in London on Bitcoin’s Public Notary, in cooperation with Estonia’s e-Residency program.


In fact, even Bitnation founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof married her husband James Fennel Tempelhof on the blockchain in March 2016, at the Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam.

Governments all over the world prevent some citizens from expressing their love and commitment through marriage. LGBT, polyamorous and inter-faith marriages are a crime in a few countries, for example. Smart Love is one proposed answer.

Do you believe Smart Love will be able to achieve its goals of allowing Bitnation Citizens to marry without 3rd party intervention?

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