Bitkan Launch OTC Bitcoin Cash Trading via Mobile App


Bitkan Launch OTC Bitcoin Cash Trading via Mobile App

Bitcoin trading services provider, Bitkan, has announced the launch of over the counter (OTC) bitcoin cash trading. OTC trading allows users to trade bitcoin cash outside of the order books of exchanges, allowing high volume traders to access competitive pricing.

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Bitkan Has Launched OTC Bitcoin Cash Trading on Its Mobile App

Bitkan has announced the launch of OTC bitcoin cash trading, which is available to users via the Bitkan’s mobile app. Bitkan launched the OTC bitcoin trading feature on its mobile app last year, following significant investment from Chinese mining hardware company, Bitmain.

Bitkan issued a statement articulating the company’s view that bitcoin cash trading comprises an extension of the bitcoin markets, and the company wishes to stay competitive with other major players within China’s cryptocurrency trading industry. “BCC users are largely BTC users. And Okcoin and Huobi have opened BCC deposit and withdrawal services, which suggests that BCC could gain more momentum soon.”

“The Cryptocurrency Market Is Very Active This Year”

Bitkan Launch OTC Bitcoin Cash Trading via Mobile App

Alongside the introduction of OTC bitcoin cash trading, Bitkan also launched ethereum support for their mobile app this week. Bitkam representative Sandy Liang has told media that Bitkan believes OTC cryptocurrency has significant growth potential in China, stating that the company “thinks the cryptocurrency market is very active this year, users’ demand is growing too. We see the OTC market should be pluralistic”.

Bitkan was founded in China in 2013, and has sought to become a market leader in China’s mobile bitcoin services industry. Bitkan will host a major cryptocurrency and blockchain event in Beijing next month, called the ‘Shape the Future’ 2017 Blockchain Global Summit.

The event will host the screening of Bitkan’s documentary premiere, which has covered here. The event will be in attendance by many Chinese and international cryptocurrency industry leaders, including Bitmain’s Jihan Wu, Huobi’s Leon Li, OKCoin’s Star Xu, CHBTC’s Dawei Li, ViaBTC’s Haipo Yang, MGT Capital Investments CEO John McAfee, and CEO Roger Ver.

Do you believe that there is sufficient demand for OTC bitcoin cash trading from China’s markets? Share you thoughts in the comments section below!

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