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BitGive Foundation Announces New Initiatives at Inside Bitcoins Chicago

The Inside Bitcoins Chicago Conference took place this weekend. It was two days of conference sessions and exhibit hall events. During the two-day event, top thought leaders engaged in several discussions around digital currency. Session topics covered many topics, including the implications of bitcoin, investing and startup strategies, current mining challenges, international compliance, and mass adoption.

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On Saturday, July 11, at Inside Bitcoins in Chicago, Connie Gallippi, founder of the BitGive Foundation, presented a new 3-minute video demonstrating the impact of the bitcoin charity’s efforts in Kenya. The video revealed how Bitcoin and blockchain technology have the potential to transform global philanthropy.

The video tracks the story of the project, sponsored by BitPesa and Libra, that brought a water well to the Shisango Girls School. Located in a remote area in western Kenya, the well was a concrete representation of how bitcoin can have great impact and utility in the fundraising process while being also able to dramatically change people’s lives.
Connie Gallippi said:

“What you see in this video are the results we are getting – it’s very real and it’s only the beginning. This can be expanded in so many empowering and revolutionary ways. That’s Bitcoin Charity 2.0. We are ready to take it to the next level and facilitate new ways for Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to revolutionize charitable giving.”

The project was fully funded by the Bitcoin community and produced in a joint effort between BitGive and The Water Project.
Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of BitPesa commented:

“BitPesa was grateful that BitGive let us contribute to this awesome project at Shisango Girls in Western Kenya. We are always looking for partners doing great things in East Africa. BitGive is doing important work connecting Bitcoin donors with worthy projects across the world.”

BitGive Foundation is the first Bitcoin nonprofit charitable foundation representing the Bitcoin community. The Foundation focuses on charity campaigns while being able to show Bitcoin’s social impact on a global scale through supporting charitable organizations with fundraising campaigns, education, and partnerships.

The presentation was also the first step for the kick off fundraising for the next phase in BitGive’s philanthropic mission: Bitcoin Charity 2.0. With Bitcoin Charity 2.0, BitGive expects to enhance the organization in both technical applications and global implementation, which means building a transparency model for donations on the blockchain in partnership with The Water Project.

Peter Chasse says The Water Project’s President stressed:

“The Blockchain and Bitcoin present an incredible opportunity to dramatically lower our costs to transmit money to countries like Kenya. At the same time, it can also enable a shift to real-time, end-to-end transparency into how nonprofits like ours put donations to good use.”

Both organizations are ready to embrace the opportunities with technology platform concepts and use-cases. The Foundation is also holding an online auction to celebrate its second anniversary. All funds raised in these campaigns will support BitGive’s newest Bitcoin Charity 2.0 initiative.
Needless to say, the BitGive presentation, during this weekend Chicago conference was a huge success. The Foundation is always looking for donors; the right donors can join BitGive and The Water Project today to change how charitable giving works tomorrow.
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