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Bitfract by Lets You Swap One Cryptocurrency for Many

Bitfract, which is still in beta, is a new service which allows users to swap from one cryptocurrency for multiple cryptos in an instant. For example, you can swap from bitcoin to a brace of different altcoins without needing to make multiple transactions. The tool is free to use, and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

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One Exchange, Many Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency exchange Shapeshift has become extremely popular on account of its convenience and versatility. Because it’s now integrated into wallets such as Edge, users are able to swap between cryptos without needing to send them to a centralized exchange. Bitfract has no direct affiliation with Shapeshift, but makes use of the latter company’s API, enabling users to switch into multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Although still in beta, users are free to sign up and put the tool to the test.

Bitfract by Shapeshift Lets You Swap One Cryptocurrency for Many

The likeliest use case for Bitfract is for anyone with a shopping list of cryptocurrencies, having just bought bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum from a broker such as Coinbase. Those are the three starting cryptos supported by Bitfract. Describing itself a “multishuffler” and a “rebalancer”, Bitfract makes it possible for investors to tweak their portfolio without the need for multiple steps complete with their commensurate fees. The service, once fully launched, will also include Bitfract Labs, designed to help investors view an asset’s performance going back years, and to create custom portfolios before exchanging bitcoin for them in just a few clicks.

Bitfract by Shapeshift Lets You Swap One Cryptocurrency for ManyWhile Bitfract’s use cases are likely to be marginal for now, the tool demonstrates the incremental evolution of the bitcoin ecosystem. With each new application, built upon the last, bitcoin and its supporting cryptocurrencies become more usable and accessible. In addition, tools such as Bitfract help further alleviate dependence on centralized exchanges with their inherent custodial risks.

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