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BitFilm Festival 2015: Vote for your Favorite Bitcoin Movie

Bitcoin has caused quite a bit of curiosity throughout the world. With this fascination comes many various forms of media depictions regarding the digital currency. A popular way people have portrayed the innovators behind Bitcoin and the currency’s economy is through film. Many movies have premiered over the course of the virtual money’s inception. On October, 31st the first cryptocurrency film festival created by BitFilm will start its worldwide tour in Berlin showing several of these videos about cryptocurrency.

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CameraThe Bitfilm Festival will commence at Kino Central, Rosenthaler Straße 39 in Berlin-Mitte, initiating its worldwide showings. The event will also host screenings in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, and London. Movies featured throughout the festival can be voted on over the course of the festivals tour. To take part in the contest’s voting process, people are asked to donate Bitcoin directly to the films they like the most. The film festival will end the voting session on December 18th, 2015 and the winning movie will win the Bitfilm Award.

The Films Being Screened During The Festival

How Bitcoin Is Like The Internet In The 80s by Joe Posner, VOX production (USA 2015)

The film is a visual narrative about how Bitcoin is more than just currency. The short 2 minutes animated film gives a depiction of how the digital currency works. The movie explains the basic properties of cryptocurrency such as transactions, mining, and the blockchain.

The End of Money as We Know it by Torsten Hoffmann, (Australia 2015)

Director Torsten Hoffman gives audiences a revealing history of money through the use of kauri shells to cryptocurrency. The theme of the documentary depicts the current financial system throughout the past decade with governments and central banks controlling most of the world’s wealth. Hoffman’s film introduces Bitcoin as a concept that disrupts the traditional finance world and adds solutions to global ailments.


Bitcoin Traveller: Paragliding Challenge by Felix Weis, (Germany 2015)

In this video, Felix Weis travels the world on Bitcoin for a whole year. Over the course of his first seven months Weis, who tries to pay for his entire paragliding adventure with cryptocurrency travels to 14 different countries. After converting all of his wealth to bitcoins and cutting his credit cards, Weis started this film recording his experience.

Life On Bitcoin by The Good Line / Travis Pitcher / Joseph LeBaron (USA 2015)

The story “Life On Bitcoin” shows Beccy and Austin living the first 100 days married using only Bitcoin during the time. The material involved includes a compact version of over 200 hours of footage shot by the couple. Beccy and Austin as newlyweds travel across the world to many regions such as Singapore, Stockholm, and Berlin.  

Bitcoin for the Intelligent Layperson by Tomasz Kaye, (Netherlands 2015)

Voluntaryist producer Tomasz Kaye gives an animated depiction of Bitcoin by explaining its various elements. Part 1 of the series begins focusing in on Bitcoin’s background and basic foundations. The production was generously crowd-funded by members of the digital currency community.

Crypto Currencies – The Gold of the Digital Age by Alexandr Bezzubtsew, (Russia 2015)

The plot is a story of a Russian Bitcoin miner who has been in the cryptocurrency ecosystem since its inception but also offers a lot of additional content. Producer, Alexander Bezzubtsev had filmed the documentary for almost a year with Russian economists, the Prosecutor’s office, and activists from the Ukraine and surrounding countries. The film is the first Russian documentary funded entirely with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, the honey badger of money

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto by Mike Anzel, (USA 2015)

In this story, a film crew goes on the hunt to find the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. The video depicts the team looking for a real-life version of the digital currency’s creator in sixty seconds of the movie. Funnily enough they pick a random stranger and claiming he’s the infamous “Father of Bitcoin.”

Ulterior States by Tomer Kantor, (UK 2015)

London-based producer Tomer Kantor created this documentary over the course of three years within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The film covers the roots of Bitcoin with its many hackers, activists, and libertarian minds. The movie contains interviews with some of the top innovators of the crypto-environment and ‘guerilla-film-making-methods.’

So, for an entire month while the festival travels abroad, people can participate on voting for their favorite videos. Entry to the event held in Berlin is free and is being sponsored by Bitcoin GTEC, Mycelium, SatoshiPay, and Trezor. Meet and greet experts with short talks by Alena Vranova (Satoshi Labs), Jens Hewald (Bitcoin@GTEC), Simon Trimborn (Humboldt University) and Meinhard Benn (Satoshi Pay). The entire list of films shown can be voted for here, and the community is encouraged to start voting now.

What movie will you be voting for? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Redmemes, Shutterstock, and BitFilm 

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