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Bitfilm Festival 2015 Starts Competition for Best Bitcoin Film

Bitfilm Festival has been going on since 2000. Over the course of the past 15 years, the Bitfilm Festival has become synonymous with Bitcoin, and how the virtual currency has evolved. Bitfilm is starting a new competition for aspiring movie creators and directors, and submissions can be sent in until October 21. Any film focusing on either Bitcoin or blockchain technology can be submitted to Bitfilm Festival, and will be shown to a global audience during a worldwide tour of screenings.

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Bitfilm Festival Helps Raise Bitcoin Awareness Around the World

Bitcoin.com_Bitfilm Festival 2015Explaining the concepts of Bitcoin and the blockchain to everyday consumers is not an easy feat, as the conversations can get quite technical relatively fast. Furthermore, most people who have heard about Bitcoin will want to know more about traditional topics such as price volatility, Mt. Gox, Silk Road, and everything else that belongs in Bitcoin’s past.

It has to be said, however, that Bitcoin’s past is part of why the Bitfilm Festival has become such a success over the years. Bad news always sells better, and visually translating the drama associated with Bitcoin’s early days people understand the trials and tribulations the community has endured from the start.

Bitcoin has only been around for six years, yet its short history provides more than enough material for a few decades worth of movies and documentaries. So much has happened between Bitcoin’s launch in 2009 and the time you are reading this article. When people say technology evolves at a rapid pace, Bitcoin evolves at least ten times as fast.

Despite all of the negativity surrounding Bitcoin in the media, there have been so many success stories and unsung heroes over the years. The technology that powers Bitcoin — known as the blockchain — allows engineers and developers to come up with innovative and viable solutions to various problems plaguing our society.

Just last year, the decision was made to turn Bitfilm Festival into a yearly event that focuses solely on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. With screenings, in Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Seoul, and other places, the Bitfilm Festival captivated a global audience and helped raise Bitcoin awareness.

The 2015 edition of Bitfilm Festival will continue along those lines, as the focus of these short movies and documentaries will still be on blockchain technology and Bitcoin. So far, the list of cities where screenings will be held includes locations such as London, Hong Kong, Miami and New York. More places may be added to this list, so make sure to keep an eye on the Bitfilm Festival’s website.

Bitfilm Festival founder Aaron Koenig stated:

“We re-invented our festival last year.  It was a great experience to focus on films about this new form of money that takes away power from banks and governments. So we will do it again and hope to show even better films and reach even more people.”

Bitfilm Festival 2015 Edition Schedule and Submissions

Bitcoin.com_Bitfilm Festival Submissions

This year’s Bitfilm Festival will have its inaugural event in Berlin’s Kino Central, just like it did last year. Bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts are more than welcome to attend the screenings, with an official starting time to be announced as we get closer to November 6. As mentioned before, there will be a handful of other locations around the world where people can see these documentaries.

Bitfilm Festival wouldn’t be much of a festival if there wasn’t some kind of award to be won. Using the Bitcoin blockchain technology for voting purposes, every short movie and documentary will be represented by a unique Bitcoin wallet address. Viewers can then donate to the address of the movie they liked best. There will be two awards presented on December 25th — one for best short film, and one for the best feature film.

Submissions can be sent in via this URL until October 21st. The main sponsors for Bitfilm Festival 2015 are Globumbus Foundation and Satoshi Pay.

What are your thoughts on Bitfilm Festival 2015? Will you be attending any of the screenings? Let us know in the comments below!


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