As Bitcoin's Value Rises Real Estate for BTC Sales Follows the Trend – Featured Bitcoin News


As Bitcoin's Value Rises Real Estate for BTC Sales Follows the Trend

As bitcoin rises in value people selling luxury goods and real estate for BTC is happening more often these days. This year there’s been a lot more homes for sale from individuals posting ads on public websites like Craigslist and bitcoin-based businesses that are specifically tailored to selling real estate.  

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Individual From Hong Kong Advertises a Brand New Vancouver Villa for 2099 BTC

Just recently a person selling a brand new home in Vancouver announced that he was selling the US$3.5 million dollar house for 2099 bitcoins. The Hong Kong Craigslist post offers a nice Coquitlam home in British Columbia, Canada with all the fixings. The post asks for “serious inquiries only” and states the the house for sale is located in “one of the hottest markets on the planet.”

The ad made headlines across various news outlets speculating this was a sign of how Chinese citizens are bypassing cash outflows by purchasing real estate. The publications Zero Hedge and the Huffington Post propose this may be how Chinese investors are moving significant amounts of funds out of the mainland.

As Bitcoin's Value Rises Real Estate for BTC Sales Follows the Trend
Coquitlam home in British Columbia for sale on Craigslist. Seller says Ethereum is also accepted.

Purchasing and Renting Properties With Bitcoin All Around the World

Another way a person can sell or buy a home for bitcoin is through the platform Bitcoin Real Estate. The platform is very similar to applications like Zillow and has quite a bit of real estate listings with prices denominated in BTC. Listing a home requires a simple registration process and buyers looking for a home can easily access the search settings that includes filters. Bitcoin Real Estate offers a variety of properties with a broad array of price ranges as some listings are just land and others can be million dollar homes.

For instance, for around 755 BTC ($1.3M) an individual can purchase a luxury villa in Thailand at the Sanctum in Chiang Mai. The property comes with Smart Home capabilities, an Italian stone kitchen, a saltwater pool, four car garage, and even a nuclear fallout shelter. If you don’t have deep pockets, you can also purchase land that doesn’t have a house on the property for 17.5 – 35 BTC. There are many cheaper properties that can be found on Bitcoin Real Estate from places like Costa Rica, Mexico, Scotland, India and more. The Bitcoin Real Estate platform has 23 pages of listings for sales and rentals all around the world. 

As Bitcoin's Value Rises Real Estate for BTC Sales Follows the Trend
Luxury Thailand villa for sale at the Sanctum in Chiang Mai.

A Place Where Bitcoiners Can Buy Extravagant Properties, Million Dollar Homes, and Even Fallout Shelters

Individuals looking for more lavish real estate listings for bitcoin can shop for a home on Bitpremier, a Washington DC headquartered market that sells luxury items. Bitpremier has been around since 2013 and currently has ten pages of ritzy properties for sale in the real estate section. Not all the homes cost millions as there are a few properties listed for a few hundred thousand dollars worth of bitcoin. For 88 BTC a person can buy a five-star three-floor penthouse in Acapulco with two bedrooms. The home has a private beach, and the previous owner purchased the home for $174,000 USD worth of bitcoins back in 2013.

For those looking to avoid a nuclear catastrophe Bitpremier also has fallout bunkers for sale as well. In the UK an individual can buy a nuclear bunker in the heart of the Norfolk Broads for around 95 BTC at the time of writing. The nearest neighbor is 500m away and the owner details the area with its 25m communications mast can also be rented to mobile companies.

As Bitcoin's Value Rises Real Estate for BTC Sales Follows the Trend
Nuclear bunkers for sale in the UK.

Buying and Selling Real Estate Shows Bitcoin’s Purchasing Power Potential

Buying real estate using bitcoin is not so unusual anymore as the market is growing alongside the cryptocurrency’s rising value. These days there’s a broad range of properties for sale with owners opting to accept bitcoin, by selling land, small condos, single family homes, and million dollar villas. The fact that you can buy and sell any property with cryptocurrency is showing bitcoin’s enormous strides as a valuable digital asset class for the 21st century.

What do you think about purchasing and selling real estate for bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via, Craigslist, Bitcoin Real Estate, and Bitpremier Websites. 

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