Bitcoin’s Relationship With ‘Mark of the Beast’ Theories

Over the past eight years bitcoin has been involved in a few conspiracy theories, and even though they are highly improbable, they are pretty humorous, to say the least.

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The New World Order and Bitcoin

Bitcoin's Relationship With the 'Mark of the Beast' Theories
Lots of people thought this man’s company purchased Bitcoin the other day. Baron Jacob Rothschild, of the Rothschild Family Baronetcy, allegedly the richest family on earth for three centuries.

Just recently we reported on the Rothschild Investment Corporation purchasing bitcoin shares and how some people thought it was Lord Rothschild, the alleged owner of the world’s largest fortune for three centuries.

Since the end of time, humans have always liked to tell ‘tall tales.’ Bitcoin itself is often considered a weird subject because an anonymous developer made the software and this has led to many conspiracy-like discussions involving the digital currency. Some have said the protocol was created by the CIA or some underground government agency plotting to rule the world. Today we will discuss two tales that have often been tethered to bitcoin by those who wear tin foil hats. After reading this, you may find yourself in a Faraday cage with your ‘bug-out bag’ waiting for the next EMP, so please proceed with caution.

The Mark of the Beast

Bitcoin's Relationship With the 'Mark of the Beast' TheoriesThis particular tale is tied to a religious belief based on the Christian’s book of Revelations where bitcoin could be considered the “Mark of the Beast.” Yes, there are a couple of random people on this earth who believe that the digital protocol may be the tool of the Antichrist that allows you to purchase food and survive under the Devil’s rule. The Illuminati has many tricks up their sleeve, and this one is fantastically clever.

The Mark of the Beast comes from a story in the Bible’s New Testament, in the book of Revelations chapter 13. In that section, particularly 13:17, it says that people on earth will have to get a mark on their bodies in order to purchase living necessities. The mark is forced upon everyone from “the great, the small, the poor and the rich.” Now because society is gravitating toward a cashless society some curious characters believe bitcoin will be the notorious mark.  

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name,” explains Revelations 13:17

Bitcoin's Relationship With the 'Mark of the Beast' Theories
Microchip implants with bitcoin wallets have helped fuel the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and Bitcoin theory.

So you might be still asking yourself — How the hell is bitcoin associated with this mark? Well, more recently the subject of “biohacking” and microchip implants have become a popular trend. Some people in this movement have installed chips into their hands with a bitcoin wallet inside. Because Revelations states people will “receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads,” some consider this the missing link to bitcoin and the mark.

However, there are those in religious circles that think this theory of bitcoin being the mark might be the opposite of what’s really happening. The publication Christian Money says bitcoin might be a way people can fight the beast.

“One of the key elements of the Mark of the Beast is to be able to prevent those that refuse to take the Mark from buying and selling. Bitcoins are decentralized and prevent any such control,” explains Christian Money.   

The One World Currency

Bitcoin's Relationship With the 'Mark of the Beast' TheoriesAnother story conspiracy theorists have up their sleeves is the “One World Currency” scheme. Another speculative theory thinks that the whole globe will share one single currency, likely owned by the Rothschilds and the Bilderberg group. Now, this conjecture is again tied to the ‘cashless society’ progression, and if you want to be even more clever, this theory can be related to the Mark of the Beast. The one world currency will be trackable, and everyone on the globe will likely be forced to use these funds. That’s where bitcoin comes in, and some speculators believe that because the blockchain is traceable and the technology is part of the ‘cashless society’ paradigm shift — Bitcoin will be the one world currency. For instance, the website Occupy Corporatism believes this may be the case.

“The technocratic push toward cyber-currency or e-money, is a march toward complete control over global currencies with the development of supporting technologies and the distribution of such that facilitate an online representation of money that can be used for exchange with another fiat system,” explains Susanne Posel, of Occupy Corporatism.

The reason why conspiracy theorists believe a global currency is on its way is because many Keynesian economists have bolstered this idea over the years. Even John Maynard Keynes himself has been cited as a single world currency advocate. This school of economic thinking believes it would help the global economy and improve international trade. The introduction of the Euro, a currency that covers many countries was considered the beginning of this effort. However, in recent times certain countries like Britain, for example, have distanced itself from the Euro during the Brexit vote. As far as bitcoin is concerned becoming the world’s reserve currency, some forecast it to be the sixth largest reserve currency by 2030.

So to some of these theorists, bitcoin is just another catalyst towards the cashless one world currency secretly crafted by the elite. In essence, any electronic currency is suspect for being part of the ‘1 percent’s’ plan to enslave the ordinary plebs of society. Even the other day on July 25, 2017, the publication Beforeitsnews published a report called “The globalist one world currency will be very similar to bitcoin,” so these theories still run rampant.

It’s Highly Improbable Bitcoin Will be a One World Currency or the Mark of the Beast

Bitcoin is indeed a strange phenomenon filled with curious characters like Satoshi Nakamoto. However it doesn’t mean bitcoin was created by the CIA, will be used for a one world currency or even the mark of the beast. 

What do you think about conspiracy theories tied to bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • estoniananonymous

    Nice article

  • Ganancia Diaria Para Ti

    Que Tan Descentralizado es Bitcoin, de esto no mucho entiendo, pero si en el tema de descentralizado, significa que solo el creador, puede manipularlo a su favor, entonces si puede ser un ensayo para una moneda mundial donde el poder economico sera solo del creador de dicha moneda, pero segun la Biblia, esto aun no puede ser aun. Porque no se manifestara hasta que sea quitado de la tierra aquel que le impide, 2 Tesalonicences 2:7 y ya tenemos identificado ese que impide, que el poder maximo de iniquidad se manifieste, Primero sera quitado ese, eso lo espero con ansias, pues alli hay mucha ganancia para muchos, PUNTO

    • William Wanklyn

      I translated your post and hope I understand your point of view.
      Firstly, bitcoin is not controlled by its creator. It is a free consensus based system existing (or one might allow, living) on the internet.
      Unless one controls 51% of hashing power, no-one can direct the blockchain.
      Your subsequent biblical references are beyond my pay-scale.

      • Ganancia Diaria Para Ti

        que bueno que me hallas entendido, y que bueno si es como dices, que no esta controlado por su creador de Bitcoin, eso entonces me sugiere que lejos esta bitcoin de tener relacion con lo referente a la cita biblica. gracias tomarte la molestia de leer lo que escribi.

        • William Wanklyn

          De nada.

      • Safian Marjan

        I’m not good in IT. At least I’m still wonder where they parking Bitcoin software in internet? Are they have their own Data Center ?

        • De Wilde Weldoener

          You can visit Andreas Antonopoulos’ YouTube channel for excellent presentations for beginner and advanced Bitcoin stuff.
          He explains Bitcoin in a way that does not require you to be an IT guy to understand it 🙂

  • djfunny28

    Speculators might be wrong but their assumptions might give us an insight as to why satoshi nakamoto flaunts 666 on twitter

    • Daxx10

      He’s not on twitter. Which fake account were you looking at?

      • djfunny28


        • Daxx10

          Thx. If you check his profile: “Afternoonified pasquinade, …”
          Then look up “pasquinade”
          1: a lampoon posted in a public place
          2: satirical writing

  • Rafael Ladeira

    Bitcoin and NESARA, the green tech and new era of light, not of devil

  • Mahesa Suprobo

    Interesting. I love how people love to come up with ideas of what they think the mark of the beast is. 2 Peter 1:20 indicates that private interpretation of the Bible is unnecessary. In fact, the interpretation of the Scriptures are self containing. Since there are no references to technology, microchips, or anything of that sort, I would conclude that it cannot be the case.

    The first thing we should identify is that the mark of the beast is a reference to a free will decision. God does not condemn us for what is forced upon us. In Deuteronomy 6, it reveals what really is going on here. After God gives the 10 Commandments to Moses, he tells the people that they should write them on their hearts. He wants them to tie them to their hands and bind them to their foreheads as symbols. Hebrews chapter 10 echos a very similar sentiment. These symbols represent the hearts and minds (as in belief system and memorization) and the hands (actions).

    So those who have the “mark” of God are those who believe and obey the commands of God. The mark of the beast are merely those who believe and obey the words and commands of the beast. The real question that need be asked; who is the beast?

    • GeorgeUreki Anthonys

      Well done

    • Thato Gillion

      well said

    • Mahesa Suprobo

      In summary. Bitcoin has nothing to do with the Mark of the Beast 🙂

    • Everyone knows it [the beast] is you, quit pretending!

      • Mahesa Suprobo

        lol. Well, the scriptures do say that six hundred sixty-six is the number of a man… lol.

        • Mahesa Suprobo

          lol. Just to be clear, I was joking. I am not he.

    • Timothy Ransom

      Tell that to god when he sends you to hell for holding bitcoin in your portfolio

      • Mahesa Suprobo

        There are three things, that if you start a conversation with me, that I could talk all day and not get bored. The first is crypto-currencies and day trading. The second is Star Wars. and the third [definitely not least] is Jesus.

        Someone told me that our idea of hell is completely misconstrued. As a religious young man, I didn’t believe him. It took me an entire year of in-depth research, studying the Lexicon, the ancient Hebrew and Greek, documentaries, and tons of scriptural references before I had to come to him and admit that he was right.

        The things that I learned were this:
        1. The soul is not immortal (Ezekiel 18:20 KJV)
        2. That when we die there is nothing (Ecclesiastes 9:5)
        3. The opposite of creation happens, we just rest in the dirt (Ecclesiastes 12:7, Daniel 12:2, John 11:11)
        4. We don’t have souls, but rather we are souls (Genesis 2:7)
        5. Hell (sheol, hades, tartarus, gahenna) is merely six feet under
        6. The Lake of Fire (what most people mean by hell) doesn’t exist yet (Revelation 20)
        7. Upon Christ’s second coming we will all rise from the dead (Daniel 12:2, 1 Thessalonians 4, Revelation 20)
        8. Jesus is the resurrection of the dead (John 11:25)
        9. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14)
        10. Everything is permissible but not beneficial (1 Cornithians 6:12, 10:23)
        11. It is by grace we are saved, there is nothing we can do to earn salvation (Ephesians 2:8)
        12. So we do not need to fear death and the grave (John 14 and Hebrews 2)

        I am armed with many more scripture to make my point if you are interested in a challenge or debate. I will say it again. Bitcoin has nothing to do with anything religious. It is merely a tool that we can use for financial success while we are here on the earth. I tithe 10% of everything I make off bitcoin and use it to give to the poor, the orphans, and the widows.

        How are you using the blessings that God has given you?

  • IN actuality, the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrecies in 2009 has largely HALTED the putsche towards one-world mark-of-the-beast currency system. The Elites dont exactly know what to do, now that the decentralized currency genie is out of the bottle!

    • Or so we like to imagine ;). I dunno about you, but I am still not ‘elite’. Maybe one day.

  • I’ve never considered BTC to be the MOB, but I did write an article on Steemit proposing that QR codes could quite likely be or precede the MOB. QR codes are now required to be used as a 2nd protocol to accessing your Coinbase and your Bittrex accounts, using the Google Authenticator. Some people have warned against using GA and no one really knows how many dimensions are installed in a QR code. Just read what Wikipedia has to say about them.

    • De Wilde Weldoener

      A QR code is a 22 year old technology to store information in a visual format easily readable by a computing device with a camera.
      Nothing more, nothing less.
      QR codes are as boring as bar codes.

      A QR code is just like printed letters and numbers, it’s a visual way to represent information.
      The difference is that letters and numbers are easy for humans to read, an QR and BAR codes are easy for computers to read.

  • BalrogZA

    My take: Bitcoin and crypto-currency is what will protect people from the beast’s plans. Since it is decentralised and some alts are completely anonymous (ZEC, Zencash, Monero etc.) it will go against the one currency that will aim to control the populace. That is why there is great resistance against crypto from a lot of sectors, because they know they will not be able to control it, like they can the existing financial systems. For me, Satoshi Nakamoto was a Divine intervention to protect the populace from the beast and his henchmen.

    • William Wanklyn

      Ripple and some of the other pre-mines give me pause. Ripple is controlled by one company. They keep some large chunk of the coin in their back pocket, ready to move onto the market as the sheeple decide they like it.

  • Conspiracy theories tied to bitcoin…, i can bet you that we will be seeing a lot of this from Governments. Conspiracies other name should have been CONTROL. If you can control peoples thoughts(Scare the shit out of them) you will be a very powerful BEAST. Proof however is in the blockchain, Right?

  • De Wilde Weldoener

    Don’t poopoo conspiracy theorists too much, there are more nasty conspiracy theories that turned out to be correct than you would be comfortable with.
    It’s a free market of information though, so a part of it is always going to be poor quality or plain nonsense, just make sure to make up your own mind about that.

    Bitcoin being a banker or state sponsored project though is obviously nonsense, the first thought of people who don’t know or understand the workings of decentralized cryptocurrency.
    It’s a system that will make the banks power over fiat currency completely obsolete, by making banks and fiat currency itself obsolete.
    Why would the powers that be do this 🙂 it does not serve their interests at all.
    Always ask, cui bono, who benefits, when considering whodunnit.

  • Interesting perspective.

  • Jay

    It’s impossible for Bitcoin & Mark of the Beast to be tied in any shape or form. Main reason it’s “decentralized” and no government can prevent you from buying and selling by shutting your wallet off.

  • Tim Locke

    The title of the book of Revelation is not plural.


    but who the heck is @satoshi_N_ ?!?!?
    reading “Bitcoin – the Future of Money”, the real Satoshi was reseved and matured person. This faceless guy loves twitter but is followed by top guys in crypto-space

  • Isms, in my opinion, are not good. A person should not believe in an ism, he should believe in himself.

  • Jlj55

    Control is everything. Doug Casey has a great theories about the US Government creating a centralized digital ‘FedCoin’, that replaces USD and becomes the new world currency. Easy to use, backed by USA, eventually it would be used to determine who can buy and who can sell. Watch out!

  • Debora Messier Briggs

    First off the anti christ and the beast in revelation are separate. The antichrist is a system. It stands to reason that this system is what is imposed upon the people. The beast is the head of this system and the person who enforces the mark upon the people. After the rapture some people will still turn to God and those people will recognize that the beast is really satan and will refuse to accept the mandates or take the mark. Those who refuse the antichrist system, propagated by the beast, will be killed by beheading. People will be hunted down and killed … This will all happen just as the bible said. Jesus Christ came to die for the sins of the world and those who refuse his love will be given over to their free will. I have never understood why someone wouldnt want to allow God to love them? Its a mystery to me…