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Bitcoins Bootcamp Brings Cryptocurrency Education to Colombia

This weekend on May 6-7 a conference is being held in Bogota, Colombia, that immerses participants into the bitcoin ecosystem by learning from the experts. Bitcoins Bootcamp is a two-day event aimed at teaching attendees how to use bitcoin, a wallet, trade with the virtual currency, and learn all the basics.

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Bitcoins Bootcamp: a Total Immersion into the World of Bitcoins

The Bitcoins Bootcamp conference is aimed at giving attendees total immersion into the world of bitcoin. The event is sponsored by cryptocurrency industry leaders such as Investopi, the regional bitcoin exchange Surbtc, Tropay, Wagecan, the Crypt-store, and

Bitcoins Bootcamp Brings Cryptocurrency Education to Colombia

“In Bootcamp, you will not only learn what bitcoins are, but you can also create your own wallet, learn mining, trading, crowdlending and start using your bitcoins in the day to day,” explains Bitcoins Bootcamp organizers. “You will have a total immersion into the world of bitcoins hand in hand with the best experts in the region.”

Great Speakers and Learning from Experts in Region

Attendees of Bitcoins Bootcamp will not only learn to about the decentralized currency but also hear from regional industry experts who operate virtual currency businesses in the area. This includes Juliana Matiz (Investopi), Alejandro Beltran (Surbtc), Erick Ospina (Tropay), Arley Lozano (Panda Server) and many more. spoke with Arley Lozano, CEO, and founder of Panda Server about the Bitcoins Bootcamp event. Lozano says participants starting to learn about bitcoin are going from “zero to hero” during the two-day event. Currently, Lozano says there are roughly 240 participants at Bitcoins Bootcamp both attending virtually and in the flesh in the audience.

Bitcoins Bootcamp Brings Cryptocurrency Education to Colombia

Using Computers, Learning to Mine, Trade, and Utilize Bitcoins for Daily Activities

Bitcoins Bootcamp Brings Cryptocurrency Education to ColombiaOrganizers of the bitcoin training conference say the event is not a traditional webinar by any means. People participating are using computers, learning to mine, trade, and utilize bitcoins for daily activities like shopping. Lozano tells that attendees are also learning about how to avoid Ponzi schemes. Attendees also receive US$30 in BTC to open a wallet and learn to trade. Bitcoins Bootcamp organizers detail that participants will become very knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies after finishing the conference.

Panda Server’s founder says he’s thrilled to attend the event and be immersed in such a learning atmosphere.

“The event at this moment is so great,” Lozano details to “People have a chance to talk with each speaker when they are finished speaking. From my point of view, the event is really good for newbies as they are learning each step of using the virtual currency and what is bitcoin.

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