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Bitcoincashers.org a New Web Resource Dedicated to Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin Cash Fund has launched a new web portal that’s focused on educating the masses about the many benefits of Bitcoin Cash. The new website Bitcoincashers.org plans to bring “everything Bitcoin Cash under one roof” showcasing the cryptocurrency as a fast and reliable payment method.

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Bitcoincashers.org Aims to Help Consumers and Businesses Learn to Use Bitcoin Cash Anytime

Bitcoincashers.org a New Web Resource Dedicated to Bitcoin CashThe Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) wants to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and its new website Bitcoincashers.org plans to solidify this philosophy. The BCF organization explains that the new web portal aims to educate businesses and individuals worldwide, not only on how the cryptocurrency works, but the site will explain how people can use the decentralized asset every day.

Moreover, BCF details that the website will also be a general resource for things like exchanges, meetups, and bounties. Bitcoincashers.org will feature a ‘For Merchants’ page that will focus on a resource for businesses, and the site will detail the very basics of using bitcoin like buying, earning, trading, and spending.        

“We’re excited that Bitcoincashers.org will assist consumers and businesses to use Bitcoin Cash anytime, anywhere,” says Paul Wasensteiner, board member of Bitcoin Cash Fund.

Bitcoin Cash is digital money that offers better features than traditional fiat cash. Vendors in places like Venezuela and other high-inflation environments are starting to use BCH to make payments without having to go through a third party such as a bank, government or payment service.

Bitcoincashers.org a New Web Resource Dedicated to Bitcoin Cash

A Closer Interaction With the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem

Bitcoincashers.org will feature a vast resource section of Bitcoin Cash wallets alongside available Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems. BCF says the organization recognizes the need for an all-in-one swiss army knife website dedicated to Bitcoin Cash, and they believe BitcoinCashers.org will be an excellent vehicle towards on-ramping mass Bitcoin Cash adoption.

Bitcoincashers.org a New Web Resource Dedicated to Bitcoin Cash

“Bitcoincashers.org is going to be very important for those learning to navigate through the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem,” notes BCF during the website launch. “There are a ton of different projects, exchanges, and different ways to interact with BCH which can get confusing for even the seasoned Bitcoinercashers.

This website will bring all of these projects together in one place and will provide a chance to speed up the process of experiencing the community.

What do you think about the Bitcoincashers.org website? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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