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The Bitcoin Store Helps 'Shibes For Socks' Program

The Bitcoin Store is pleased to announce a charitable partnership with the Dogecoin community called the “Shibes For Socks” project. By working with the Los Angeles-based Love My Neighbor Foundation, the organizations have collaborated to deliver socks to the homeless within the region.

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The Bitcoin Store Sponsors a Dogecoin Multi-Signature Powered Charitable Sock Drive

jmhRFMO4-1The Dogecoin community has been well-known over the past few years for dedicating funds and efforts towards charity. The “Shibes For Socks” project is a new endeavor devoted to delivering socks to the homeless. The Bitcoin Store is the first sponsor of the new program assisting in helping the homeless obtain basic human necessities. Socks are considered an under-donated need for homeless, many of whom are constantly on their feet. The Shibes For Socks project aims to help provide new socks to the homeless regularly with the next delivery date this coming February.

Dogecoin community member, u/phupas, explains the foundation of these types of charitable projects in which their community takes so much pride. “The strength of the Dogecoin community isn’t in numbers like bitcoin, but it’s the generosity of the members. While Dogecoin isn’t as large as other alt coins, we take pride in helping people in need.”

The Bitcoin Store which sells cryptocurrency related products and apparel is proud to help this charitable effort promoted by the crypto-community. Stephen Macaskill, founder of The Bitcoin Store, explains:

When you observe the cryptocurrency community, you quickly realize that it is not all about money or currency. The community strives at making the world a better place for everyone. The Dogecoin community, in particular, goes above and beyond when it comes to charity and community funded projects.

Utilizing Multi-Signature Technology Towards Charitable Projects

The Bitcoin Store Helps Shibes For Socks!2The Dogecoin community’s latest effort was initially designed to test, a dedicated philanthropy and commerce platform. Hundreds of brand new pairs of socks were sent to the homeless on December 8, 2016 and January 12, 2017. Members of the r/dogecoin community believe their multi-signature process allows a superior form of security when it comes to humanitarian projects that hold funds.

“The community has a long history of crowdfunded projects, and we’ve had some issues with how those funds have been handled,” explained u/peoplma, a Dogecoin community member. “Multisig has the ability to say, ‘These four people control this money, and three out of the four of them must agree on how it is spent in order to spend it’. So in a crowdfunding context, people who donate can be more confident that their money won’t be used improperly.”

The Bitcoin Store Helps Shibes For Socks!

The multi-signature tool was built to incorporate transactions with multiple individuals, and the team has also translated the tool’s instructions in multiple languages. The #DogecoinSocksForTheHomeless team say they have been utilizing the “Tripleshibe” multi-signature application for this specific project. Dogecoin community member u/tomcarbon hopes these types of charitable projects will show the public that good things can happen with these types of technology.

“We are proud to show everyone how Dogecoin can help people by combining community with the will to make the world we share a better place,” u/tomcarbon detailed.

What do you think about the “Shibes For Socks” project and the use of multi-signature technology within cryptocurrency philanthropy? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shibes for Socks, The Bitcoin Store, and The Love My Neighbor Foundation.

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