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Bitcoin Software Wars: Segwit2x Node Masking and Opt-in Replay Protection Merged

This week, the Segwit2x development team merged a controversial implementation into the project’s Github repository that masks BTC1 nodes from 0.15 version Core nodes. Additionally, the project added opt-in replay protection for Segwit2x transactions.

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Core Supporters Are Upset About BTC1’s Recent Github Commits

The scaling debate continues to burn red hot over the upcoming Segwit2x hard fork scheduled this November. There is a distinct group that opposes the 2MB fork, with every single Core developer against the plan. Throughout the last few weeks, social media and forums have been littered with name calling and arguments over the possible fork.

Just recently, BTC1 developer Jeff Garzik merged, “Add -advertise2x option, for NODE_xxx optionality,” into the group’s Github repository, fueling more drama between both camps. Essentially, the new addition will allow BTC1 nodes to be masked, making it more difficult for Core 0.15 nodes to identify them. In response, a few developers commented on the Github commit saying things like, “this officially makes Segwit2x a Trojan horse as it allows anyone to run 2x nodes in disguise.”

Many different opinions and arguments concerning the node masking are strewn across Twitter.

Legal Action Against Open Source Bitcoin Development?

Some individuals on forums and Twitter are threatening Segwit2x supporters with legal action due to the BTC1 node masking.

“Listen carefully Erik Voorhees and Brian Armstrong,” explained a Core supporter. “There are specific laws that you are subject to about disrupting people’s networks that are being violated with these actions. By encouraging and enabling this ‘hacking’ you are going to be held accountable.”

Segwit2x’s supporters responded by saying taking legal action was not how bitcoin works and stated;  

If bitcoin requires governments to save it, then it’s already dead.  

Gregory Maxwell: ‘Opt-in Replay Bloats Up Bitcoin as a Side Effect’

In addition to the node masking commit, the Segwit2x working group also added opt-in replay protection for BTC1 transactions. Essentially, the opt-in protection will block transactions from being spent on the other chain if the blockchain ends up splitting into two. This opt-in replay commit was not greeted well by Core supporters and developers, as they immediately protested over this kind of protection. Core developer Gregory Maxwell says it’s an “absurd change” and further claims the protocol “bloats up bitcoin as a side effect.” However, some people believe Core developers are at fault for Segwit2x implementing these new code changes, especially the node masking.       

“To be honest, IMHO it was you who started the war by merging the change that disconnects their nodes from the Core’s network,” explained an individual that responded to Maxwell.  

We will see how it develops. 96% of the recently mined blocks have “/NYA/” tag inside the coinbase. If the split and the post-fork hashrate distribution ends up with such proportions, your bitcoin Core project is doomed. And the “replay protection” bloating the Core’s UTXO set would be just the final nail in your coffin — I guess that’s what scares you.

The Segwit2x working group believes the 2MB upgrade will happen, and they think there is no reason for the majority chain to add stronger replay protection. To some people adding replay protection is a “submissive” move because it draws a line in the sand that confirms two different tokens will exist. Adding a stronger more defined replay protection would go against Garzik’s goal of Segwit2x upgrading Bitcoin — “to be Bitcoin.”

What do you think of the latest Segwit2x commits? Do you agree with Core or Segwit2x supporters? Let us know in the comments below.

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