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Bitcoin Proponents Are Laser Focused on One Particular Mining Pool

Following the Bitcoin scaling debate has been interesting over the past few months. A lot of people have been focused on certain characters and organizations within the cryptocurrency environment by highlighting their opinions and scaling choices on social media. One particular individual and entity of interest has been the mining group F2 Pool and the pool’s associate Wang Chun.

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All Eyes on F2 Pool

The Chinese F2 Pool formally known as “Discus Fish” is a mining organization that was formed in May of 2013. The Chinese mining pool is well known for commanding a significant portion of Bitcoin’s hashrate distribution over the past few years. Currently, F2 Pool is the second largest mining operation behind Bitmain’s Antpool capturing 11 percent of the network’s hashrate. People have been focused lately on F2 Pool’s actions because many are curious to find out what scaling solution the pool supports.

Bitcoin Proponents Are Laser Focused on One Particular Mining Pool

So far figuring out whether or not F2 pool supports bigger blocks, or Segregated Witness (Segwit) has been quite confusing. From the signs of things and statements made, the mining pool would like to see both developments move forward. For instance, one vocal member of F2 pool, Wang Chun has been voicing his opinion on the subject for quite some time but in a very cryptic fashion.

Then this week on April 18th the Chinese publication 8BTC’s forum revealed a translated statement from F2 Pool that announced the organization was in favor of Segwit, but the announcement also stated the pool wants a larger block size.  

“Most people don’t realize that the debate is about what is best for bitcoin instead of choosing one specific scaling solution, Segwit, BU or other scaling solutions,” explains the mining pool’s announcement.

At F2Pool, we are in favor of Segwit plus a large block size. Segwit can help solve technical problems and a large block size is beneficial to the bitcoin ecosystem in the long run. But the hard fact is that we are not able to reach this goal under the current situation.

Can We Really Determine What Scaling Solution F2 Pool Supports?

Watching F2 Pool’s scaling signals when the pool mines blocks on the network has also been very confusing. The mining pool has signaled for Segwit but has also shown support for other proposals as well. A few weeks ago for an April Fool’s Day joke, the pool signaled for every proposal on the table including Segwit, Bitcoin Unlimited, Classic, and an 8mb increase. The pool also showed signs of supporting Segwit on the Litecoin network that day.

F2 Pool’s Wang Chun told his Twitter followers that day, “Bitclub stole my idea for the upcoming April Fool’s Day. Let’s signal BU + SW + Classic + XT +8M all together!”

Bitcoin Proponents Are Laser Focused on One Particular Mining Pool
Wang Chun meets with Bitcoin Unlimited developer Andrew Stone in China this past March.

Wang Chun’s Twitter Statements

Furthermore, Wang Chun has been revealing strong opinions about bitcoin development over the past few days. On April 18 Chun compared Core developers to Saddam Hussein winning 100 percent of the vote in 2002. “Core devs are no different from President Hussein IMHO,” explains Chun. The F2 pool associate goes on to say that the scaling debate is not about Segwit at all but more about development communication and listening.

“It’s not about segwit or not,” says Wang Chun. “It’s about communicating, listening, understanding, and respecting. All those the things current Core devs lack.”

Bitcoin Proponents Are Laser Focused on One Particular Mining Pool

The pool has been signaling for Segwit for the past three days according to network statistic websites. It seems the mining pool is pleased with taking a more humorous approach and has no problem joking around about block size debate. However, as the saying goes many true words are said in jest. It’s clear Wang Chun has a lot to say about the scaling subject and believes Bitcoin development communication skills with miners needs improvement.

What do you think about F2 Pool’s stance towards the scaling debate? Do you agree with any of Wang Chun’s recent statements towards developers? Let us know in the comments below.

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